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"What colour is spaghetti?"
Good ol' cap'n
JoindateJuly 14th, 2016 (data was reset)
BasesNightFlag, NightFlag 2.0, Unity 1, Unity 2, K2, NBT, Aftermath, Auschwitz, Ket Island, Fort Breendonk, Nysa
Known AltsX2BARREL, Fabbot
PastNightFlag, Fraaz's nameless team, Team Unity, Auschwitz, SEAL Team (201)6, The Inoculation, Nysa
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Fibular is a famous player and oldfag on 9b9t, mostly known for founding team Unity, for being one of the Ket Boys and for being the best PvPer of his era (some still consider him as one of the best to this day). He has been a member of most of the famous bases of 2016-2018, and has been one of the most (if not THE most) prolific map art makers of 9b9t prior to the First Map Reset. He was one of the founding members of Ket Island alongside Swagnus_, SyotosGreen, AtomicSquid110, ParadigmPlague and Doctor698.

He is also a somewhat controversial figure due to his past doxing of several players who were trying to harm the server or community, including lokasathe and MaybeUrMum.

He has been known to have drunk episodes in the 9b9t Pooblic Discord during which he will create new cosmetic roles for "no particular reason"