Nether Highway Society

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Nether Highway Society
Group picture from the group's first anniversary
Founded onApril 25th, 2020
Founded bymaggut
Leader(s)Dendroapsis, Namiix_, AuraTheLucario
Prominent membersNamiix_, AuraTheLucario, Dendroapsis, NB419, ItCameFromMars, Enderkool, kyogreisreal, Perry Falco
Main purposeBuilding and repairing nether highways
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The Nether Highway Society (often abbreviated as NHS) is an organized group of players whose goal is to expand and maintain the infrastructure on 9b9t through paving, repairing, and digging. The group was founded by maggut, but is now under the joint leadership of Dendroapsis, Namiix_, and AuraTheLucario.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. 1.0 1.1 It is their official policy to not take sides: their first rule states "The NHS remains neutral on drama or events that happen on 9b9t".