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Tenth time's the charm.
Founded onAugust 16th, 2019
Founded byMinecart11 and Zelice
Griefed onSeptember 15th, 2019
Griefed byFlaShBaK_
MembersMinecart11, Zelice, LittleFinn9, Supreme2, CardboardAll, SpicyBigDaddy, AtomicSquid110, Vinny666, Cuhntpuncher3000, jpmalo, heat1804, ShamPlayz, Kxng_Cartier, FraazT0, Revved, FireBlazeWolf, jayshot, Disco05exe
GroupNew Valkyria
Coordinates15500x 750z, Nether

NVHQ10 was a base on 9b9t, the tenth official iteration of New Valkyria's bases. Initially created as a joke due to Minecart11 and Zelice finding a young fit fanboy by the name of LittleFinn9. It ultimately survived for an entire month due to Minecart11 having learned the skill of not inviting everyone in chat to his bases during Minecart's stay at Dohana.

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