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">Hello world!"
Obviously, 9b9t's own bot would use none other than Adolf Hitler as their skin
JoindateSometime in late 2016, data was apparently wiped
Known AltsNone
This individual is a Huge Player!

Omega14 has been recognized by the Council of Huge Players™ as a very important or very fat player!

omega14, in the early days also known with the nickname QuranBot, was a bot on 9b9t, the first of its kind to appear on the server. It was created by Googolplexking, and its source would soon become the basis for many other of the server's bots. Unlike these, however, omega14 is rather dearly remembered by the community. It was active during 2016 and up until late 2017, when it was shut down with no explaination. It briefly came back in 2018 and early 2019 under Paralusion's administration, but it soon was shut down again.

Features[edit | edit source]

  • !help
  • !execute
  • !vote
  • !quran
  • !ud (short for UrbanDictionary)
  • !pos
  • !spawn
  • !ping
  • !oldnames
  • !jd (short for JoinDate)
  • !seen
  • !quote