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"First and maybe last quote"
BasesSoupgang, Turkey, Armageddon
Known AltsTemp0rel

Temporel is a Midfag who is most known for being Mods/Staff in Pooblic, and being chronically online with over 300,000 messages in Old + New Pooblic.

Beginnings[edit | edit source]

Temporel joined 9b9t on March 14th of 2019. He begged for kits in chat, and a good man named PickleStork gave him kits. With his newfound wealth, he went to the Nether and YTM948 bombarded him with crystals. Temporel had no idea end crystals existed, so to quote Temporel, "It scared the shit out him." Temporel quickly fled, and went to his first base location and founded Armageddon.

Armageddon[edit | edit source]

Armageddon was founded by Temporel shortly after he joined. He invited StazMaster, Joshytron, FlipperFlopper, minihercules317, and after a couple weeks Supreme2. The base was a castle near a mountain. There was a skeleton grinder, and StazMaster made a huge pyramid over a jungle biome. After Temporel completed his part of the base, Temporel discovered Nether Spawn and StazMaster got irritated because Temporel was not at the base, leading to tension between the members. During his time at Nether Spawn, he met Supreme2 and became good friends. He also met many PvPers who would protect him. Minihercules317 soon discovered a stash of golden apples, and Temporel returned to help move them to Armageddon. Temporel returned to nhub and opened "Temporel's Pawn Shop" and traded items at spawn. On another server Temporel, Supreme2, CardboardAll, and Aureus went to anther server and founded Soupgang. A few months after this, the 3YA rolled around and Armageddon won and everyone got their playerheads. Temporel invited a player from another server to the base, who unfortunately griefed it. The base was gone, but the friendships remained, and soon Soupgang was founded.

Soupgang[edit | edit source]

When Soupgang came to 9b9t, Temporel did not show to the base for around a month, so when he arrived the base was already built up. He arrived around Christmas time so Temporel built a Christmas Tree. Soupgang consisted of StazMaster, Supreme2, Temporel, ZedaFly, WKJ, OldChum, and a few others. Temporel still was in a depressive state after the grief of Armageddon, and did not have much motivation to build, so mostly wandered around and talked in chat for hours, which is like foreshadowing to his time in Pooblic, where he sits for hours and hours chatting, and punishing the delinquents who don't obey the rules.

Pooblic[edit | edit source]

FraazT0 invited Temporel to Pooblic and Temporel gained social skills. He started making friends, and having a good time in life. Temporel sent his face around Pooblic, and became a popular meme. He also ran for the 2020 Pooblic Election, with many advertisements made by DotingWinner14. He did all this while maintaining a healthy social circle in real life, balancing his work life, social life, and Pooblic life. But, on a dark day, FraazT0 offered Temporel a Moderator position in Pooblic. Temporel deeply pondered this, wondering if he had enough time to moderator such a wasteland of a server... And he accepted. Soon, very soon, Temporel's life went downhill. His friends left, seeing how he always would talk to them about Pooblic. It was always on his mind. FraazT0 groomed him into the perfect discord moderator, but at the cost of his social life. Temporel was at rock bottom, but couldn't realize it as he was blinded by the power of the Pooblic Moderator position. He got to a point where he could not even VC, as his he had not talked in so long. This was when a player by the name of Koroki convinced him to join VC one day. Temporel joined, and Koroki made him realize what he had lost. Freed by the chains of Pooblic, he still sends over one thousand messages a day, but also keeps his social circle and is getting a job. From the money Koroki got him by convincing him to get a job, Temporel gifted Discord Nitro to 50-60 people and Pooblic had around 120 boosts.

In 2021, Pooblic got terminated by Discord. Temporel woke up at 6AM and Pooblic was gone. Temporel frantically messaged FraazT0, the owner of Pooblic, telling that Pooblic was down. FraazT0, being Italian, was asleep at the time. So, using Pooblic's Moderator EMS system, he set off Fraaz's alarm and woke him up. (Yes, this is real.) Temporel and FraazT0 rebuilt Pooblic and Temporel won the Pooblic Medal of Freedom. Temporel became Head Admin, as well.

Turkey[edit | edit source]

Turkey was founded by FraazT0 and Kib023, starting as a meme base to troll TrollFaceFan/Presidentt005.

Deep in the heart of 9b9t, there was once a great base known simply as "Turkey." It was a thriving community with a bustling economy, advanced infrastructure, and a powerful military force. However, as the base grew, tensions began to rise between the northern and southern regions. The troubles began when a group of Northern players discovered an illegal tunnel running beneath their territory. This tunnel had been dug by a group of southern players, headed by TEMPOREL, who were using it to smuggle resources and weapons into their region. The northerners demanded that the tunnel be closed and that the southern players responsible for it be punished. The southern players refused to comply, claiming that the tunnel was vital to their survival and that they had every right to use it. This sparked a long and bitter border dispute between the two regions, with each side accusing the other of stealing resources and territory. As the conflict continued, some players began defecting from one side to the other, hoping to gain an advantage in the escalating struggle. This only made things worse, as both sides became more paranoid and distrustful of one another. The situation finally came to a head when the leader of the southern region (TROLL FACE FAN) was decapitated in the bank of North Turkey by military leader Kib023. This act of violence was the final straw, and the southern players declared war on their northern neighbors. The war was long and brutal, with both sides suffering heavy losses. The war between North and South Turkey continued to rage on with brutal fighting and the use of increasingly devastating tactics. In their desperation to gain the upper hand, the southern side had resorted to using homemade explosive devices called "end crystals" inside the illegal tunnel. These devices were incredibly powerful and could level entire sections of the opposing side's base in a single blast. Despite the devastating effects of the end crystals, North Turkey was making leaping bounds in terms of duping items, building, and expanding their empire. Their head engineer had developed new technologies that allowed them to dupe items at an alarming rate, giving them an overwhelming advantage in terms of resources and military strength. Meanwhile, the southern leader, trollfacefan, was developing a secret base on an island he called "Epstein Island." Here, he and his top scientists were conducting experiments to develop new and even more deadly weapons to use against their enemies. In response, the head scientist of North Turkey was developing a new version of his infamous "Mineking Sex Dupe." This new version promised to be even more effective at duping items, giving North Turkey an even greater advantage in the war. The fighting continued to escalate, with both sides using every weapon at their disposal to gain the upper hand. The end crystals were taking a devastating toll on both sides, with entire sections of their bases being wiped out in a single blast. The dupe machines were churning out resources at an alarming rate, allowing both sides to build bigger and better bases. As the war raged on, the future of Turkey remained uncertain. The two sides were locked in a bitter struggle that showed no signs of ending anytime soon. The only thing that was certain was that the fighting would continue to be brutal and unforgiving, with no mercy shown to either side.

Temporel Today[edit | edit source]

After Turkey, 9b9t got coordinate exploited and Temporel retired from 9b9t, and now is in Pooblic, balancing his social life and Pooblic life thanks to Koroki. To quote Temporel, "Couldn't have done it without him."