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Chat[edit source]

Notice Any Features that are wrong? chat here.

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Weekly Maps[edit source]

Weekly Updates On The Map Of Spawn

Maps Will be Updated Every Sunday:

File:2020 10 26 0mq Kleki.png
Spawn As Of Oct 25 2020

Im gonna upload the next pic early cuz im bored

File:2020 10 29 0iu Kleki.png
Pic As Of Oct. 29 2020, As You see, The Obsidian roof is pretty solid except for 1 area.
File:2020 11 02 0e7 Kleki.png
Pic As Of Nov. 2 2020, Not Much Changed
File:2020 11 03 0ea Kleki.png
Pic As Of Nov. 2 2020, 1kx1k
File:2020 11 13 0hu kleki.png
9b9t Map 500x500 As Of NOV 13 2020