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"I turn money into more money"
Known Altsentrapyalter, NIP_alt, 9468, 9b9t_BaseAcc, optionstrading,

Entrapy is a Midfag who joined January of 2019.

Beginnings[edit | edit source]

Entrapy joined 9b9t in January of 2019. Not much is known of his beginnings on 9b9t. He seemed to be a relatively quiet player. He began to speak up and be noticed by other players about 6 months after he joined.

Chat[edit | edit source]

Entrapy is widely known for being a Chatfag. He often boasts about his money, which is yet to be confirmed, and being a day trader. He also discusses how he wishes to do things with his life, but 9b9t takes up to much of his time. Outside of irl-wealth, he also boasts about his ingame wealth, bragging about how many dubs (double chests) of kits he has. It is known he has various stashes, but no one can confirm if he actually has the thousands he claims. He befriends many Newfags, and also other players, such as Hhashaffer, Dummypotato, and Hisnameisjohn.

Controversy[edit | edit source]

Entrapy has always been a hit or miss for most players, but as of recent, he is viewed far more negatively. As of recent, after the 7YA, which they lost to CirocDrip (2b2t wiki for Cirocdrip is here ) Entrapy started being very difficult. He offered Ciroc 10,000 dubs if he lost. After this, Entrapy never gave the dubs to Ciroc, and even denied ever saying it in the first place, or lied about giving it to him. Most of the people that built at their 7YA base (PewPewGuy, Shaveknopf, Maleking) began distancing themselves from Entrapy. Entrapy finally broke when Kib023 made a base in July of 2023 which included many active players at the time. Entrapy was not included in this. Entrapy became enraged, and began calling kib a pedophile and everyone at the base a "pedophile collaborator". This isn't something anyone took lightly, and many players became furious with Entrapy. Entrapy and HHAShaffer searched constantly for the base, until they found it and blew it up.

The end of Entrapy (As of November 2023)[edit | edit source]

After the grief of the Spawnbase, Entrapy was doxxed and possibly swatted[1] by an unknown player, most likely due to calling everyone at the base a pedophile. Because of this, Entrapy deleted his discord account and stepped away from 9b9t. A month or two later, he came back on a new discord, and joining the game and chatting, but only briefly. As of today, there are no known discord accounts associated to Entrapy and he has not joined 9b9t in a while. It is rumored he may have gotten a life, joined the Space Force, or died due to another swatting attempt.

  1. The 9b9t wiki does NOT condone or support doxxing, swatting, or anything of this nature.