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People have been using their joindates as means of categorizing players since the very beginning of 9b9t, as well as 2b2t; this behavior probably originates from 4chan, where 2b2t's origins lie. In fact, the terms used for joindate classification, here explained, were originally used on 4chan. These terms all end with the suffix -fag, sometimes ironically replaced with -pal or -friend.

On 9b9t, in particular, this categorization is even more radicated than on other anarchy servers, due to jj introducing a system to check any player's joindate as early as September 2016.

The "official" system[edit | edit source]

Finding a system everyone can agree on is a rather complicated task, especially because everyone seems most concerned with putting as much distance as possible between oneself and the "newest category". This wiki will be using a system aligned with that of the 9b9t Pooblic Discord, dividing the players in the three traditional divisions (oldfags, midfags, newfags). The system does not seek to be precise in partitioning the server's existance in thirds, but rather tries to use a more familiar system of "milestones" at the turn of which the categorization changes. This page will be updated by the admin so it stays synchronized with the Pooblic partitioning.

The following is the only system accepted on this wiki (see the rest of the page for more details on each category):

  • Oldfag: prior to April 2018 (included).
  • Midfag: from May 2018 to March 2020 (both included).
  • Newfag: April 2020 and further.

If you have constructive criticism on the subject, you can make your proposal on the talk page for this article.

The various joindate categorizations[edit | edit source]

This section seeks to list the three main divisions, as well as other, less common, means of division.

Oldfag[edit | edit source]

An oldfag is someone who has been on the server for a very long time. It originally (2016) was only used to refer to players who had joined in June (occasionally extended to July) of 2016. Some alternate definitions of it (not accepted on this wiki) would be:

  • Someone who joined within summer of 2016.
  • Someone who joined before 2017.
  • Someone who joined within the first third of the server's lifespan.
  • Someone who joined within the first year of activity of 9b9t.

Oldfags tend to generally be far richer than others, and those that are continuosly active tend to be respected by the community.

Midfag[edit | edit source]

Midfag is the most recently introduced of the three "main" divisions, as a way to address someone who can't really be called an oldfag, but isn't a newfag either. It's the most loosely defined of the three main divisions, and in its traditional sense it means someone who joined within the second third of the server's lifespan.

Newfag[edit | edit source]

Newfags are the remaining lot, those that aren't oldfags or midfags (some consider midfags to be a type of newfags, even). They are usually blamed for everything wrong with the server (and, more often than not, with reason).

Ancientfag[edit | edit source]

Ancientfags (called boomers on Pooblic) are a subcategory of oldfags, within the context of 9b9t usually meaning players who joined in the summer of 2016.

Babyfag[edit | edit source]

Babyfag is a term coined by 2019 players to call out 2020 players as "different", and broadly meaning "the newest of the newfags". It hasn't really caught on, but it's still occsionally used especially within the context of shit talking.

Related classifications[edit | edit source]

Spawnfag[edit | edit source]

In the traditional and more widespread meaning, a spawnfag is someone who spends all their time at spawn, usually a PvPer. Within the context of joindates, however, "spawnfag" is sometimes used to refer to the players who just joined and still haven't left spawn, also called nakeds and newspawns.