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"i'm tired of games riga"
Under that cape lurks the most hideouos creature in this cursed world: the reddit alien.
JoindateJune 19th, 2016, data was reset
Bases10k10k, 1mil1mil, 30mil30mil, K2, jj's end base, Meme base, Nysa
Known AltsWiredTombstone, sailor41
PastLegion, K2, Meme base, jj's end base, Nysa

jj20051, also known as WiredTombstone, is the owner and creator of 9b9t, co-developer of ChatCo and co-owner of 4b4t.

He has often been criticized for being too heavy-handed in his moderation style, but overall the community is satisfied with his job. He has more than once cracked down on lag machines and the so-called illegal items, in particular those who can be abused to restrict other players' experience. In the early days of 9b9t, jj was more relaxed in the way he ran the server, and this led to several players obtaining operator status or creative to some degree.

Administration[edit | edit source]

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Identity[edit | edit source]

jj is from the United States of America, and is known to live in Florida. He has been doxed once, though most of the information appeared to be severely outdated. jj is also known to be much older than the average player, in his late twenties or early thirties. Not much other information is of public domain. It is known that he has recently gone through a divorce.