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"Blow it the f**k up"
JoindateLate 2020
Known AltsNone

Summary[edit | edit source]

Quickerzz is a relatively unknown newfag who joined in late 2020. He has no known associations on the server.

History[edit | edit source]

Quickerzz first started to play Anarchy in 2019 first joining 2B2T, after many months of paying for priority queue and not being satisfied with the wait times and constant lag that comes with 2B2T, he decided to look for other options in the community. He first settled on 5B5T, thinking it would be his new home, but after realizing there was a game-breaking duplication glitch that was not patched for multiple months, he knew he had to find a different server that would meet his needs due to the overwhelming amount of duplicated items. He then discovered 9B9T which included no wait times, somewhat lag-free and a decently rich history in the Anarchy world. He decided to drop 2B2T and begin his journey on 9B9T.

Griefs[edit | edit source]

Him finding Lecheese789 and ythebeast's Base

Quickerzz spends most of his time Griefing on 9B9T, although many of the events are undocumented, a singular event has been recorded of his destruction.