Wall of Shame/Drippy 6969

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"I'm gay, now get in the bed."
The man who leaked multiple stashes in a singular week. Not to be trusted.
JoindateDecember 4th, 2020
BasesBlockmart, Topbase, Topbase2, Monke Supply Base
PastMonke Shop, Blockmart Shop


Drippy_6969 is a relatively unknown new-fag. He is a dangerous threat to the core pillars of society!

He recently leaked multiple stash's in a row and blew up Topbase2 an unknown base which was in construction by player BetaChunks and a few other players, which resided with Drippy_6969 in the group.


While living in Topbase, he started to contract the disease of autism, as most newfags do, and decided to steal the shulkers. The members of the base gave him a second chance where he launched a secret plan where him and an anonymous store vendor would blow up the base and leave. The way he convinced the store vendor to do so, was by saying that the members of Topbase scammed him out of $100 (usd)

After execution of the plan, he blew up the base leaving his comrades to flee in confusion.


After they had arrived at Topbase2, he decided to tell his comrades that he had raided a stash and blown it up that was owned by someone that he bought shulkers from however it required the exploding Topbase. The members, decided he would have another final chance. Upon the finding out that Drippy_6969 had blown up the stash, he threatened with Drippy_6969's real life address going public. His fellow base members, duplicated the shulkers that was requested by the store vendor and let him on his way. However he then decided,

After being called a 'fag' and 'tranny' and being threatened with his address going public by a anonymous store vendor, he decided to have an autismal outburst and grief the base, destroying the project and all the resources. He then gave the shulkers to the store vendor and then got crystal'd.

Monke Store

Left with no friends and items, he begged in chat for mercy. Alas, they declined. He then spammed stores to give him free kits in which all of them knew about him.

After being fucked in the ass by his 'Intelligence' he decided to spam chat with,

<Drippy_69> I NEED A BASE

Eventually, a start up store known as Monke Store recruited him into their ranks in which he duped with them. During this period, he would continue to threaten Topbase members with petty comments such as:

Drippy_6969 whispered to you: We have 31 people hunting you down. You are going to be fucked!


After joining Monke Store, as a duper, he decided to get another revenge on the new base of Topbase named Blockmart. He got a anonymous friend to inside Blockmart and get coords, eventually no harm was dealt to Blockmart however the members evacuated.

After, Blockmart contacted Monke Store and informed them about his autism, and he was kicked from the store. The members of Blockmart took the coords of Monke Store and they both blew up the stash's that Monke store owned. Monke Store then merged with Blockmart creating Monkeymart.

Autism Adventures

After being stuck with nothing at spawn, he decided to start playing again. Sadly, he bought kit's and fled spawn, so this is a very small part of it.

Drippy's Store

For a while he ran a semi successful shop, with scam claims, this ran until his Discord account was terminated. Management was transferred to another player.

He has now quit the server.