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Book of Fraaz


My story begins around the 15th of July of 2016. Earlier that year, I had found out about Encyclopedia Dramatica. I enjoyed spending a lot of time looking around of it and having a good laugh. I eventually ended up on the 2b2t page. I remembered reading about it in the past (Motherboard article probably, not sure), so I decided it was intriguing, and attempted to join. That's how I discovered about the queue. So I went back to the article and red all of it. It mentioned that a guy named "TheCampingRusher" had flooded the server. I went, and watched his videos, while I waited in queue. Wurst let me down a few times, crashing mid-queue. So I went back on the article, remembering something about a few clones of 2b2t. It mentioned 3b3t, 4b4t, 9b9t. 9b9t was mentioned as the most cancerous and, knowing Encyclopedia Dramatica, it meant that it was the best one (also, 4b4t logo looked very bad). And so, on the evening of July 20th, I joined. Took me 4 attempts. Second time, some dude gave me some diamonds, but I didn't get to use them because I starved (back then even walking used hunger). 4th time I went in a diagonal direction, and out of pure luck I found one of those "sanctuaries" people were talking about. I stayed there for some time, got food, improved the place, mined a little. The one thing I was missing was wood, buy luckily that place was built on a mine, so I had some. Then someone came and killed me. This was no one other than iSUXAtPvP. I respawned, but I had written down the coordinates. So I went back there. Got my shit together again, then iSUX is back. He tells me to follow him, or else he'll blow the place up.


iSUX led me back to the desert next to spawn. There's a friend of his waiting, iiRefillPvP, and another nakes newfag. iSUX asks me if I know how to make a cobble monster, and I say no, because I had no idea of what a cobble monster is. Before, I only played Italian servers, and besides I had minimum knowledge of griefing tactics. Hell, I never even played a survival game to the end, only built a house and a few farms, never even bothered making an armor set before 9b9t. So anyways, they want me and the other guy to build a fort. I'm confused, Rusher had clearly said that everything near spawn gets immediately griefed. "With what?", I ask. He replies "idk, use what you have around". So, me and the other guy start digging up sand. They leave us alone and say they'll be back. The other guy flees, but I don't, I don't want them to blow up my farm. Fun fact, that was the less used farm on 9b9t and only few people ever used it, notably my future friend FBJ. That farm was just outside 500 blocks range, so it even survived the spawn reset. It's likely the only rusher-era sanctuary still standing (sort of) today. So, eventually iSUX comes back, I tell him the direction the other guy went, so he gives me a few diamonds and says they don't need me anymore. Best deal of my life. I go back to my farm (which, by the way, before being mine was Stopy's), and I start helping nakeds. Some newfag named OblivionMidnight turns on me and kills me, while he was naked. I had diamond armor and a sword. Now you get what I mean when I say that I am very shit at PvP? I gave up on helping those cunts and I decided to move. I set up a small base, again at the sanctuary, got myself diamonds and ventured in the Nether for the first time.


Rusher said that the Nether is the worst place on 2b2t. And, during summer 2016, it also applied to 9b9t. For those of you who weren't there: AFKing on the highway, even for a few minutes, was a guaranteed way to get yourself killed. I had just learned about the x8 rule of the Nether, so I really overestimated its power. I ran for a bit (didn't know about speedhacks, lol) and stopped at some point. Found a portal, walked in. I was around 13k blocks down z- in the overworld. I was in the middle of an ocean. I walked for a while, and noticed a big island off the highway. I went, and set up a small base there. I was fairly isolated, so it was a decently safe space. Hell, with the playercount that we have today, it would be save to stably base there. The island was big, it had all animals, a lot of space, and plenty of trees. Paradise for me basically. Set up a huge farm, set a bed, got myself diamond armor. That sort of things. In chat jj leaked some coords of a base guilty of lagging the server. Didn't even get to the place, I got lost instead, very far away and with no food. A player I had befriended before, OtakuDraken, offered to help me. He came, rescued me through the nether, and even went to base with me. I kinda expected him to kill me, but he didn't. Even if he did, I doubt I would've quit though. That server was really starting to get me.


At this point I realized I needed a team. I was shit at survival and PvP, I doubted of my ability to survive. I opened /r/9b9t for the first time. People were recruiting. Nowadays a recruitment post gets you ridiculed, but back then it was the norm. First attempted to join Nightflag, but HenriTee ignored my request when he realized I was piss poor. Do you know who accepted my request? ShamPlayz, leader of Team Ruthless. I was quite happy. Sham came to my base, gave me some shit ("Woooooow an endercheeeest! You must be soooo riiiich!") and told me that his team's base was recently griefed, so he said they had a temporary base. I grab my shit, lavacast the island, and leave, together with Otaku. The base was shitty, but to me, it looked awesome (they had a grinder omg). Around this time I made my first shitpost, and started my activity on the subreddit, which got me fairly known quickly. I started expanding it, but by the end of the week, someone found it and blew it up, killed me while AFK and sent me back to spawn. Haven't heard of OtakuDraken since.

We reorganized, and went on to a new base. We walked 25k into the nether down z+, which to me looked like a lot. Around 25k, we found a mushroom island just off the axis. We went and started basing there. Surprisingly enough that base almost made it to 2017, but that's a story for another day.


August came, and I was bored out of my mind. Sham was inactive, and so was every other member. I logged in, and chatted, while walking around. All I through the end of July and the first days of august. I decided to pack my shit go to spawn, armed of nothing but my plain diamond armor. On the way, I asked V3N0M_G4MING to join his team, but he refused. I went to spawn and eventually died, and respawned in the mushroom island. Got back to my activities, got myself some new shit, and asked a player named Yokoya_ to join his base he was talking about in chat. Surprisingly, he agrees. And my journey to Nirvana began. I got to it on the nether roof, just a few days before it got patched. There I met AtomicSquid110 and. BradArmstrong. I spent most of my time here farming not gonna lie. Yokoya_ went inactive soon enough, Atomic was busy on his build and so I made friends with Braddy. We even set up a villager farm together. This is the period when I really got known, started getting friends in chat. One day, I took an enchanted pickaxe from a chest because I needed it. He saw me, and threw a fit because that was "Yokoya_'s pickaxe" and one of the "few memories" he had of him. He tries to kill me, I run. I drop the pickaxe, not sure if I did it on accident or to piss him off. Probably the latter. When he finds out, he starts sperging. I climb up  on the tower of his castle, and threated to touch the end crystals he put as a decoration, destroying the building. All this was made in public chat, so everyone knew the story. He lifts the siege and goes into "exile". He basically went to base a few thousands away. I was really puzzled by his behaviour.


After a while, he leaves a sign at the main base with the coordinates to a place. The place where he exiled, supposedly. I went there. It was surreal. He left a book called the "Daily log", which I kept and eventually spread. It basically told the story of himself starving to death and "seeing Mark" (Yokoya_'s first name) at the end, in form of a diary.

It weirded me out, but ok. We welcomed him back at the base after a while. Eventually, we got into an argument again when we talked about the other day's facts. He killed me and started spawnkilling me. Everyone in chat realized what was happening, and the last thing I expected happened: they wanted to save me. I managed to break my bed and go back to spawn. Minecart11 was there, and he had mobilitated two of his basemates (kysam2 and another guy) to escort me out. He wanted me into New Valkyria, his team. I obviously accepted. SyotosGreen was in on this too. He had a feud with Braddy, and I gave him coords to go and spank him, as Braddy had started griefing the base already. And so, I joined NVHQ4, shortly after reached by AtomicSquid, that first wanted to ungrief and finish his own build.


Feel free to make fun of me, but when I joined NVHQ4 was the first time I thought of myself as actually relevant. I considered NV to be the 2nd best team in terms of prestige (1st was Legion, of course) in my distorted and newfag-y view of 9b9t's society. I got to know many players I chatted with, like CorruptedGreed for instance. And some I only heard about, like FlaShBaK. And other friends who weren't talked about back then but who stuck by my side up until today, like Urponaattori. The man gave me my first god set, which I soon lost to the poorly made afk spider grinder. Just when I was about the build something, the unevitable happened. HuthifaPlayz asked Minecart to tour the base. Minecart said yes, but then changed his mind and instructed us to kill him on sight. Around that time I expected the base to die, so I asked guy I made friends with in chat, ActuallyTom, if I could go to his base in case my own blew up. He agreed. FlaSh killed Huthifa repeatedly, and Huthifa leaked coordinates to "Luke", alias MaybeUrMum. He came and blew the base up. FlaSh and I left the base together. Reluctantly, Tom accepted of hosting me and a few other refugees, those being Urponaattori, FlaSh and AtomicSquid.


After singlehandedly doubling the membercount of the base, who was called Devotion, I got to know CyberLost, a guy I had seen in chat and that I always found hilarious for his exaggerated edgyness. I also made friends with the other people at the base, them being FBJ, D0ugs and Tigwiner. Eventually, I asked Tom about inviting him, and he gave in to my request. Then, I also invited Braddy, who had apologized a few days before (yeah, I have a very forgiving nature). Looking back, I'm not too proud of flooding Tom's base with a bunch of people. But, it's cool I guess, since that group stuck together. We improved the base, even built a huge gold farm (we also had plans to double its size). I made a discord for the base on the 12th of September and a few days after opened it to the public. It became the 9b9t Pooblic Deescord, the first free-for-all 9b9t discord who would become crucial in bringing the community together. My last invite would be none other than Minecart11. While he was travelling there, FlaSh got into a huge argument with FBJ, and ended up griefing the base. I took it upon myself to regroup the people of Devotion. We made a base, and added a friend of CyberLost I had gotten to know, Fibular.


The team I had formed proved my ineptitude. I like to think thay I have improved, but nonetheless here's how it went. Base 1: invited ShamPlayz, nobody was too happy about it. Eventually we left, I don't remember why. Base 2: I accidentally leak coordinates a couple days after. Base 3: we manage to get the base going, finally. We build some shit. Fibular raids Inquisition and has the first meeting with the love of his life, Voisardian. He brings home some map arts, and my collection of begins. The base is going, nicely. We make the error of inviting Wulfang, who soon turns out to be a douchebag. He starts semi-destroying the base, stealing items and gets into big arguments with everybody. At the end of october, I leave for 3 days. I had actually notified my basemates about it, but little did I know that my connection was acting funny and that the message wasn't actually sent. Fibular saw the base in shambles, Wulfang running around and thought that I quit. So he gathered most of the base members, and left to make his own team with Voisardian, which he named Unity. When I got back, only ActuallyTom_ and D0ugs had stayed with me. I was very, very, very pissed. Felt, you know, betrayed. I told D0ugs and Tom that I needed some time alone, and told them to join Unity if they wanted to. Not proud of it, but I was really angry. And so, I went on the highway, and headed south, to go very far from spawn.


I went roughly 80k down z+, and built a small base. It wasn't big, it had virtually no builds, but felt home. I started a nyan cat map art, which I never completed. After a while, the last person I expected approached me. It was none other than FlaSh. He had quit after his base, Inquisition, got griefed. He apologized for Devotion, and we started talking. I trusted him, and he joined by small cozy solo base. Less than a week after, the dupe happened, and everything changed. He, unlike me, had some gear, and in no time we were ridiculously rich. The base I had made was very far in the nether, but had a tunnel straight to it. I didn't really worry about safety. We decided to leave that base, and make a stash. That stash is still standing today, and is full of PvP stuff that I'll never really use. After duping with ponyboy at the 80k base, minecart26 falsely revealed that ponyboy was backdoored. So, I moved the stuff closer and destroyed the base. To this day I don't know why, but I didn't bother building a new base. I spent the rest of November and the first 2 weeks of december wandering in the nether between 40k and 20k, just timering and talking in chat, or duping at the stash with FlaSh. Around the 10th of December, I randomly approached miniman392, a player I didn't even know well (I'm not sure we ever had a real conversation before that, not a long one for sure) about making a base. He asked if I was serious, and I said yes. The nameless base that would later become Auschwitz would be created on the 14th of December 2016.


I started working on Auschwitz together with miniman. Well, actually, I got miniman stuff and he built, in the first days at least. We invited doyouknowTT shortly after, a player I knew and liked from chat. He proved to be Auschwitz's best builder. Then we invited Mr_Buttermen, the jew who would name the base Auschwitz. And then kolt5, a very irrelevant player who lost his base to Babbaj's leak. Auschwitz thrived throughout the month. All days up to Christmas, "Santa Fraaz" hid a part of that stuff I had moved from the base nearby spawn, and newfags were given informations and had to find it. Made a lot of poorfags happy, indeed. And they were legit, except for one that was rigged for a friend of mine. During November and December, my relations with unity had slowly went back to being positive. In late December, Aftermath was griefed, and Fibular asked us about letting them in. We accepted, and Unity was technically disbanded, and we were all back together. During Christmas and for the end of the year, jj re-enabled the dupe, and we duped a fuckload of stuff. Notably, Buttermen the jew duped a fuckload of gold, that would remain the thing we had the most of. He covered the gold farm with a gold pyramid. By the way, that gold farm was one of if not the biggest gold farm in 9b9t. Auschwitz remained fairly unknown until new year, however.


One thing I forgot to mention, is that my relation with SyotosGreen had gone down the shitter in the meanwhile. He got pissed at me quite a lot for trying to trade one of his maparts for wool. Yeah, wool, I needed a lot of it. For my own maparts. In January, he doxed me. Well, he didn't really publish my full name and data, just leaked an old pic of me (13 years old) he found on a dead instagram account I forgot existed (don't bother looking, I deleted it). There's not much more to say about January. Auschwitz grew. February was a different deal however. Massive lag started happening on 9b9t, with the server restarting more and more often as time went on. At its worst, it restarted every 15 minutes. And yet, we kept on playing. We even figured out a way to exploit the restarts to dupe entire dubs of shulkers at once. On February 22nd, 2017 the server restarted one last time. Myself, miniman, and many other players got their playerdata corrupted. jj promised to fix, but did nothing. At all. Classic jj.


The server crashed that last time, and jj put up a tempmap while he worked on the issue. Many feared that the old map was unsalvageable and that the tempmap would become the new main map. In March, I hopelessly fucked my relation with jj. Ever since he's been a dick to me. JJ gave me op to test some things, and forgot to take it away. After fucking around with it (stuff like giving FlaSh a sharpness 1k sword), I OP'd FlaSh and TheCheeseToasty. They OP'd some more people, who OP'd more people. In a hour, most big players who were on the tempmap at that time had OP. Sharpness fishing rods were spawned in, "ParadigmPlague", "FraazT0" and "FlaShBaK_" were written in bedrock in the skies of spawn, custom villagers named Bezo trading end portals and bedrock for dirt were set up and fiverZ was repeatedly killed with an OP sword. We all had a good time, and D0ugs did something that would remain in the records forever: /stop. Like the legend he was, he shut down the server. jj apparently had set an alarm to wake him up if the server went down. And it was night over in his timezone. He reset the tempmap and yelled at me. Oh well.


After the main map was brought back, at the end of March, I reached 30mil30mil flying under the nether, after a few failures. I left a sign, visited the Legion base and left an account there for a while, FraazT2. March passed, and we had April's fools. jj turned 9b9t into a kitpvp server. Lol. Throwback to when jj still was willing to put some effort into 9b9t. This month was fairly unimportant, but around this time I got to know Conan, I think. We met for a map trade and we started talking, mostly jerking each other off about how great our memes were. Around this time, I think, FlaShBaK_ and Tigwiner joined Auschwitz, but the base was fairly dead at this point.


June saw an ephemeral rise in numbers, which culminated with 1YAE. All the most prominent players were invited to build something, to grief it in anniversary day. I was there too.

July was a pretty bad month for Pooblic. If something happened, I would wake up at night to fix it, and people started thinking this was hilarious. They started making up shit like "revolutions" for the sole purpose of pissing me off and waking me up at 3am. miniman, whom I had made a moderator, would start deleting random messages and that kind of stuff. I became increasingly pissed at the Pooblic community. Sometime in mid July, they figured out that with a certain character you could send empty messages. AtomicSquid and FiverZ were muted for spamming. FiverZ thus started spamming #freefiverz on his own corner. The corner was taken away from him. People joined in, for thr sole purpose of pissing me off. Voisardian opened up the People's Republic of 9b9t, the "alternative" to my "oppression". People would start joining, at first it wasn't anything notable, like 20 people or so. But then they started spamming everywhere, making fake accounts just to spam, even a fake syotos.


At this point, I was inactive, but kept on posting on discord and on reddit. I barely played 9b9t, there was nothing to do. Buttermen came up with the Nimbledon, a competition on the subreddit about memes. It was my field. I started off with some easy single-picture memes, mostly ridiculing the People's Republic of 9b9t. They were pretty good, a bit too dramatic perhaps, but they were good. They were shat on with downvotes, but that's because fiverZ had set up a few bots for that. What tipped me off? One of my posts was downvoted the moment it was posted. Like, not even a second had passed. I qualified. Then I made a fairly original meme, highly underrated in my opinion. What was it?, it's a page advertising a Big Player client. I passed, the finals came. It was an unexpected threeway: me, Conan and Greed. Conan was on the lead, and had passed thanks to a meme video series. Both me and Greed realized that we had to play on that field too to beat him. And so I did. O ranked 1st on the Nimbledon with my "Finding Auschwitz" video, who ridiculed people looking for my base all the time.

Second place was reached by Conan, with his Clash of the Big Players. Greed ended up third, with his video about the Discord drama, which was fairly good but not enough to compete with what I believe to be my masterpiece.


In the following period, I was fairly inactive. In September, however, kib023 insided Nemesis 3.0 for us, and we blew up the base. It was a massive raid. FiverZ and the others salvaged some stuff, and hid it at their old base, but they were accidentally found again by kib. It tasted like victory, not gonna lie. Didn't know what was coming. Later in September, Fibular leaked Auschwitz coordinates to his Ket Island basemates. They reached the base, thinking they were fake, and didn't bother covering their tunnels. Unexpectedly, they found Auschwitz. They built there a little too. A player by the name of 99Y shortly after found the base, thanks to the tunnels courtesy of Ket Island. We were pretty upset, at this point none of us expected to be found. The base was dead, none of us played, but we felt attached to it nonetheless. What happened next is open to debates. Jot_, Matt_Planet and Ei7nD raided Auschwitz and blew it up. How they got coords? Jot says 99Y sold those to them. Matt says kib gave those to them while high. I don't care, but on Jot's side it was a dick move. Matt I could understand, we turned the grief of his base into a meme (You don't know where my base is!). But at Jot, I was pretty pissed. Either way, they weren't done. Jot and Matt spared my map arts (they couldn't find them). But then, fiverZ heard the news. He went to Auschwitz, completely flattened it, leaving no trace of it being there in all points where it was possible (some builds were just too massive). They griefed my maps and wrote pr9b invites on them. Auschwitz was now gone, and many of us went inactive.