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"hello my friend"
Osama, but Fraaz
JoindateJuly 20th, 2016 (data was reset)
BasesNirvana, NVHQ4, Devotion, Auschwitz, NVHQ0, Winter Town, Jeff Island, Requiem, The Pit, Long Kesh, Jeff Island 6, Nysa, Sunnyvale
Known Altsfrazet10, Amerimutt, Poojeet, Minecart420, Sc4tman, Lolocaust, HeDoesItForFree, MatteoSalvini, Pooblic
PastTeam Ruthless, Nirvana, New Valkyria, Devotion, Fraaz's nameless team, Auschwitz, NVHQ0, Requiem, SEAL Team (201)6, Long Kesh, Nysa
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FraazT0, usually simply referred to as "fraaz", "fraze" and "frazz", is a famous player and oldfag on 9b9t, mostly known for his memes (especially on the 9b9t Community Channel) and for owning the 9b9t Pooblic Discord. He was involved in several major bases on the server, such as Auschwitz. He also won the first Nimbledon and is a moderator on the 9b9t subreddit.

Assorted links[edit | edit source]

  • A personal account of his own history, written by Fraaz in late 2018. It chronicles his journey through his first year of 9b9t. You can read a copy of it here.