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Inquisition was a group, founded by CorruptedGreed in mid August 2016. It was during a period of immense lag on the server, as a result of player-made lag machines. The group began with raiding lag machine bases, and eventually actual bases such as Devotion. Further into its existence, the group got into building a proper base. It was eventually leaked by Wulfang, and the base was blown up. This lead to the group's dissolvement. Despite being short-lived, it set the foundations for future groups on a much grander scale, such as Unity.

A picture of CorruptedGreed's castle at IB1, taken by FlaShBaK_.
United by their hatred of people above 30 BMI.
Founded onAugust 17th, 2016*
Founded byCorruptedGreed
Disbanded onOctober 26th, 2016 (some time after IB1 destruction)
Cause of disbandmentBase destruction
MembersCorruptedGreed, FlaShBaK_, kysam2, Xijorn, SunkenMC, Voisardian
Main purposeBuilding, PvP, raiding
RivalriesDevotion, Lagginq, Lokasathe

History[edit | edit source]

Origins[edit | edit source]

Not much is known about the group's origin, as its lost history. However, one thing for certain is that they were not fond of lag machines (as was anyone else with critical thinking skills). The early days of the group included raiding and antagonizing multiple lag machine bases, especially those owned by Lagginq and Lokasathe.

In terms of naming: Voisardian suggested "Inquisition". SunkenMC suggested "Salvation". A strawpoll was created by FlaShBak_, with Inquisition beating Salvation in a 4-0 vote.

Base #1 is created, which was a Sea Temple being cleared out. This did not last however due to Lagginq[1] leaking the coords to SirGrassy. FlaSh atacked SirGrassy at the base, forcing him to log. The base was vacated; FlaSh and kysam destroyed Lagginq's base in retaliation.

Devotion[edit | edit source]

The first notable destruction of a base at the hands of Inquisition: Devotion. FlaSh was visiting the base, and he spammed rusher banners everywhere as a joke. FBJ and ActuallyTom decided to attack him, making him log on low health. As a result of this, he decided to leak the coords to the rest of Inquisition. His stated intention was to just raid them for their gear, but obviously the base was griefed. FlaSh believed that they tried to genuinely kill his alt, while Tom claimed it was a joke[2]. Xijorn and Voisardian accompanied FlaSh in his raid on the base, killing some members and looting it.

FlaSh's "no griefing" stance changed after Brad destroyed his pepe mapart at NVHQ4[3]. He took it upon himself to grief AtomicSquid110's build at Devotion, contrary to CorruptedGreed's orders not to. This resulted in him nearly being kicked from the group, until explaining himself.

The destruction of Devotion would earn the ire of its now former members, foreshadowing the fate of Inquisition.

IB1[edit | edit source]

Wulfang making up an excuse for leaking the base to Voisardian.

Inquisition Base 1 (IB1) became the main and first established base of the group. CorruptedGreed worked on building a castle into a mountainside. Voisardian made a house in the forest nearby, along with Sunken making a hut elsewhere. FlaSh worked on creating a Hitler mapart.

On October 22nd, Syotos sent Sunken a screenshot at the base. It turns out Wulfang had leaked the base to him, along with FraazT0 and Fibular. This prompted Voisardian and Sunken to grief what they could of the base, which briefly caused some conflict with the rest of the group. It was shortly discovered that Voisardian, unbeknownst to anyone else in the group, invited Wulfang to the base himself. Voisardian took it upon himself to depart from Inquisition. The former Devotion gang had finally gotten retribution[4].

Fate[edit | edit source]

Following the destruction of IB1, the group was effectively dissolved. FlaSh quit the server[5], and parts of the group would go on to join Unity.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. Nobody ever found out how he got the coordinates.
  2. The raid is memorialized in a reddit post by FraazT0.
  3. This lead to a reddit post from FlaSh following his subsequent block from the r/9b9tOldfagClub sub owned by Brad, boy do we love Reddit drama.
  4. Wulfang would go on to join the former members of Devotion at a new base location, resulting in the base's failure (nobody ever really learns).
  5. He would shortly return and make amends with FraazT0, as described in the Book of Fraaz.