Jeffbase 4.2

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Jeffbase 4.2
Founded onJune 10th, 2018
Founded by99Y and ParadigmPlague
Griefed onNovember 22th, 2018
Griefed bydyu
Members99Y, ParadigmPlague, WTDpuddles, brokengriffin, Tertl, dyu, riga
Major builds99Y's guardian farm, jefflantis, dyu's museum, dyu's sea turtle

Jeffbase 4.2 was a major base near 30m30m on 9b9t, founded by 99Y and ParadigmPlague on June 10th, 2018 after the grief of Jeffbase III. The base had what is likely the largest illegal items dupe stash in 9b9t history. The base was created after Jeffbase III was compromised and partially griefed by MaybeUrMum. MaybeUrMum had obtained the coords to the base by hacking dyu's account, which he then used to steal items from the stash and to grief with. Luckily for the base members, MaybeUrMum had problems with his internet connection and was unable to log on for a while, giving the members time to move most of the stash to a new location. This new location is what would later become Jeffbase 4.2.

Early History[edit | edit source]

After moving the Jeffbase III stash into a cave around 10k from the base, 99Y went out in search for a suitable base location nearby. He discovered a medium sized forest island about 300 blocks from the cave, which would later become the central portion of the base. ParadigmPlague arrived shortly thereafter and placed an end portal in the stash cave. dyu and Tertl, both of whom had based at Jeffbase III, were invited shortly afterwards. Progress at the base was quick after this point. 99Y created a room around the end portal, which he then connected to the main part of the base via a sandstone tunnel. A proper stash room was then created at the main island, and the dupe stash was moved from the cave to this new area. 99Y also created a small prismarine castle near the main part of the base. dyu started buliding on another island north of the base. He created a museum, which at one point held the only placed piece of bedrock on 9b9t, as well as a giant sea turtle made out of gold. It was around this period that dyu acquired illegals from LamBadger, which he then stored near the base.

Mid History[edit | edit source]

During the middle part of the base's lifetime, a considerable amount of maparts were created. brokengriffin created a map of the all-seeing eye, a brick pattern, nazi flag, and more. dyu created one of Voisardian, the apple logo, as well as a few others. Builds were created too, with 99Y building a rainbow themed guardian farm, and Paradigm building a few houses near dyu's island. 99Y also built a massive storage area which was used to store wool and gapples from the legion 30m 30m stash.

Later History[edit | edit source]

In late September, a player by the name of riga figured out a way to travel with elytras under the nether void. Using this exploit, he flew out to 30m30m on his friend Inzoide_'s account. While at 30m30m, riga gradually befriended the members of Jeffbase 4.2, but it would take a little bit before he was actually invited. During this period, riga continued to fly out more accounts to 30m30m, including one of his own, as well as alts for brokengriffin and WTDpuddles. More maparts were also made around this period. On November 14th, riga was finally invited to the base as he had succesfully figured out how to perform the ongoing chunk dupe. Using the chunk dupe, the members of the base were able to create what was, at the time, the biggest known dupe stash on the server. Illegals were duped too, bedrock, end portal frames, monster egg stone, sharpness 9999 swords, protection 0 chestplates, and more were duped. A fun fact is that all illegal items currently in circulation on 9b9t can have their roots traced to Jeffbase 4.2.

Compromisation of Coordinates and Grief[edit | edit source]

After the base members realized that end portals could be placed and activated, they immediately went around placing and activating end portals around Jeffbase 4.2 and other locations at 30m30m. Unbeknownst to them, when an end portal was activated it would broadcast a packets to all players on the server, in order to play the end portal activation sound. This packet also contained the exact coordinates of where the portal was activated. Jared2013 was using a client around this time which would show the coordinates from these sound packets, which allowed him to obtain the coords to many bases, which he then started griefing. Realizing that the base was compromised, the members decided to grief the base themselves.