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WTDpuddles is an Oldfag on 9b9t.

BasesCreed, Creed II, Ket Island, Christmas Base, The Pit, Hydra 2, Fort Breednock, Nysa, Slimebase 1, Slimebase 2, Slimebase 3, everything by jeff
Known AltsToo many to list.

Creed[edit | edit source]

Puddles joined less than a week after 9b9t began on June 25th. He met SyotosGreen, who gave him enchanted golden apples after seeing him at spawn. Puddles spent his first months basing not far from spawn. In November of 2016, Puddles arrived in The End and met Jjstarzz. He invited Puddles to Creed. At Creed, Puddles created Obsidian Island. A player named Frosty1459 got Puddles into mapart, and he became so interested he started a $200 mapart competition. The winner was Brokengriffin. This became a trend, and Puddles has done many of these competitions. Puddles lived at Creed until it was griefed in June 2017. The griefers are unknown. After this, Puddles based at various small bases up until 2019.

Ket Island[edit | edit source]

SyotosGreen held a Ket Island membership competition. This had a series of trials, such as making a propaganda video, building competitions, and making fanfictions. Puddles won all of these, and arrived at Ket Island.

Creed II[edit | edit source]

Due to his membership in Ket Island, he received many invites to bases. But, when the idea for Creed II came along, Puddles was ecstatic. It had many new members, and lasted a good while until Bezopasan griefed it.

Puddles Today[edit | edit source]

Puddles no longer plays 9b9t much, preferring to play CS:GO with friends, especially his best friend Koroki. He also cannot play on his day of worship, as he is a Mormon. He also has over 50 alternate accounts, so we cannot list them all.