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"squidward now for some reason, but just imagine his signature shy guy persona [1]"
JoindateJuly 14th, 2016
BasesCozy Village, NVHQ5, Cozy Islands, Woodstock, NVHQ0, 2YA, HydraBase
Known AltsNone
NationalityPuerto Rican

iSlime is a famous player and oldfag on 9b9t. Despite initial irrelevance, he eventually rose to notoriety further into his time on the server[1]. Since then he has become well known in the community for attempting an Incursion (against bots), his personal cult, and basing with Big Players. He is also known for his activity on the subreddit, and 9b9t Pooblic Discord.

History[edit | edit source]

Early History[edit | edit source]

iSlime at a sanctuary near spawn in iron armor, circa July 2016.

iSlime had a mundane start to his adventure. After escaping spawn, he found a farm and acquired iron armor alongside slime balls from nearby slime. He eventually established a small base extremely close to spawn around 10k overworld, 200 blocks off axis. He brought some friends from other servers as he got geared up. Eventually reaching Prot 1 diamond armor, iSlime and his friend moved to a different spot to make a base. He attempted making a castle called "The City Of Light" and it went well until his eventual 2 month hiatus due to lack of interest in the server. When he came back, the base was griefed and his friend left for good. Left alone, he ventured out even farther to create a new base: a solo base by the name of Cozy Village.

One day he was trying to autofish but failed to figure it out. He asked in chat how to do it and a person named chok3m3daddy helped him out. Naive iSlime quickly invited him to his base and they surprisingly became good friends. He also invited people such as Taco456, heat1804, and cons0le or cmd69. The group went to spawn a lot but eventually someone found the base and griefed it. This prompted iSlime to quit the server for another 2 months, which meant he missed the dupe and was considered poor on his return. He looked in NameMC and saw that chok3m3daddy changed his name and was online at that moment. iSlime and chok3m3daddy caught up, with him going to spawn and hooking iSlime up with gear. iSlime went to his base about 65k out nether and he had 9 map arts there.

NVHQ5[edit | edit source]

iSlime pictured at NVHQ5

iSlime continued building with chok3m3daddy at his base. chok3m3daddy went off to NVHQ5, with iSlime eventually joining him. Following its swift grief, iSlime left with chok3m3daddy to return to their former base.

Cozy Islands[edit | edit source]

During this time, iSlime built Cozy Islands, a project build in the sky at chok3m3daddy's base. He also helped chok3m3daddy expand his museum. While at Cozy Islands, iSlime eventually betrayed minecart26, which led to some drama after he said he would be griefing Taco's base at 4/20 that year. iSlime had to choose Taco or minecart26, ultimately picking Taco. He went on to build at Cozy Islands for about 7 months before one day the base was found and griefed. iSlime and minecart26 eventually made up after a battle on the highway.

Woodstock[edit | edit source]

An overhead image of Woodstock.

iSlime eventually met up with Taco at his base after several months of building alone: he was greeted by a massive ship when he arrived. Taco asked him to build there and iSlime agreed, subsequently constructing houses and bringing map art copies to the museum of the base. chok3m3daddy eventually logged on for a short amount of time. iSlime went to his base to give him copies of maps from the museum for safety. iSlime got my new laptop at this time and lost coords to all the map arts. Taco was mad because he thought iSlime left the base to base with chok3m3daddy like usual. Instead of basing with chok3, iSlime decided to just base with Taco and see where it went. That is where he stayed for a few months with Lada, LamBadger, flowers, and Taco.

The base got griefed after Taco and minecart26 destroyed it due to drama they were having at the base. Fast foward some time, iSlime made a few small bases but none that really stuck.

NVHQ0[edit | edit source]

After being alone for a few months on the server and not basing with anyone for quite a long time, iSlime was bored of being alone. Once he saw that Conan_mc and brokengriffin were starting a base (NVHQ0) in chat, he saw this as his opportunity to get some action again on the server, and build with people at a base. iSlime then asked brokengriffin if he could join ,and he, and all the other members agreed that iSlime should. The base was basically to see if NVHQ's last longer without Minecart (spoiler alert: they do). The base also introduced iSlime to most of his contemporary friends, such as FraazT0, WTDpuddles, Conan_mc, Urponaattori, Mr_Buttermen, CorruptedGreed, Jot (debatable), Ei7nD, and Frosty.

PR9b9t & Pooblic[edit | edit source]

Not long after joining NVHQ0 iSlime applied for Mod on Peoples Republic 9b9t, which he won by rigging the poll with bots (So did a lot of other mods apparently). He then, after a few months of talking with Fraaz, decided to betray fiverZ and join the one and only Pooblic, which is where he became most active.

Monticello[edit | edit source]

After about a month of constructing the build in a singleplayer, iSlime finally got the supplies to bring it to 9b9t. He built the exterior of Monticello[2] at NVHQ0 in about 4 months, and it was the biggest build at NVHQ0. (excluding Map Arts)

The End of NVHQ0[edit | edit source]

Eventually jared2013 discovered the base, who knows how, and griefed it with Bezo. Thus ending iSlime's era with NVHQ0.

Rise to Prominence[edit | edit source]

In this era, iSlime got in calls with jot, Greed, Conan, Fraaz, broken, and Voisardian. This is where the term 'ooga booga' first started because he told them he was Puerto Rican, and Conan thought it was funny to make up the phrase. This was also the time where jot became a full-time iSlime hater, which didn't really affect him much besides him calling him retarded and getting into several arguments with iSlime. In this time, iSlime was introduced to Vois, and he told him in call that he was gay. Around this time iSlime was also introduced to everyone else on the server, and was finally showing who he really was to the server.

2YA[edit | edit source]

In 2YA, iSlime just found some schematica build online and built it because he thought all the other builds were schematics too. This is also where "YO, WHO TF IS ISLIME" came from when he got in a call on the discord and Syotos joined to proceed to bully him to meme status. After 2YA was griefed, iSlime went back to Monticello building, and stayed there for a couple more months not really playing.

Ket Island Contest[edit | edit source]

iSlime proceeded to enter the Ket Island contest, making the shittiest meme (that wasn't even really a meme) into the contest. He then got Rohit to make him a vid animation, which passed him past round 1. After round 2, he just put out a really shitty meme and lost. He would then work on my craft learning from great memers like Conan, Greed, WTD, and Vois: and would proceed to perfect the art of the meme.

Hydra Base[edit | edit source]

Hydra Base was iSlime's first big base project, which he only brought his friends and people he trusted (due to feeling most of the server hated him at this point because of all the memes made on him, and some shitty memes he made of course). He would first invite about 9 people, then soon he would gather more and more players until it was about 19 or 20. Hydra Base had a natural end portal, 6 different farms, and many great builds. It was then griefed, after a newfag found it, because they didn't want to let him have coords so they decided to grief the base themselves, so he wouldn't take credit.

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. This was due in part to his greater participation in the community, alongside being unknown enough to prompt the infamous "WHO TF IS ISLIME" quip from Syotos at 2YAE
  2. An imgur album of Monticello compared to its real-life counterpart.