Ket Island/Atomic's Poem

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Mind again the baneful rememberance

Of the destructive wrath Winniethepooh

Born of two thousand four, pseudonym of

The hateful Shreda, held as a bronze axe

To lay waste that nesian citadel

Built as an earthly respite for the gods

And those aspiring to the divine.

Who was it that had planned such destruction?

Truly it was JJ, wroth at heart o'er

The many portals to the End the isle

Housed, 'twas he who set the eternal Fates

To uncover the adamantine rock

And reveal the hidden location to

That ever destructive Shreda and thus

Bring the mournful downfall of Ket Island.


Verily the base had grown old in the hearts

Of the members of the close union of

NBT and thus they set out in search

Of a new home with potent of glory

And so boarded their black ships, loosed the sails

Carrying precious hoards of dupes of every sort

Launched into the black sea of unknown fate

Like the captains and explorers of old

Peerless Swagnus and diogenes Syotos

Led their men and comrades, full of brav'ry

Through chaos and across oceans unsailed.

Daily would the Norsk sailor walk the bow

As the empyreal orb leased its light

Shining ruby, glittering orange, filling

The navy depths of the dusk sky with light

New and till now unseen, to send forth a

Winged messenger, like Noah, in hope of

Untouched land, salvation from the dark sea.

It was weeks, nay, even a month, before

A young tender branch was brought back, held in

The sharp beaks of that bright bird, lighting on

The outstretched weathered hand of the Norwegian

Who steered the ship toward the origin

Of the angel's return journey shipward.

Within that day the island appeared

Rising up from below the horizon

And thus the captain opening his mouth

Spake the isle's new appellation "Ket."

For the first time since creation, human

Feet now stepped upon its primitive shores

And through a thorough search the island proved

Free of polyphemic monsters or past

Inhabitation, and thus by mercy

Of the Ocean's primordial mother

Paradise was gained and a New City

Was founded far from the ever broiling

Wars of men and Freedom from nomadic

Wand'rings eternal, housed by Sky and Sea.


Construction then turned chaos to order

As the crafty sojourners set to work.

Swagnus, in masonry and carpentry

Well famed, he pieced together the city's

Center, full of ornate stonework, beneath

A treasure room of unending supplies.

Later built he submarines and ships and

The stables that housed the fierce war horses

And the meditative pagoda atop

A nebulous cloud covered mountain peak.

The polytechnic artist Paradigm

Proceeding after, created a most

Glorious tower, not unlike a

Rare flower, prized posession of any

Gardener, and therein sat he within his

Never resting mind. Then SyotosGreen

King of all lands, founded a luminous

Lighthouse, a fitting symbol, likened to

The Light that shone from the horizon where

Ket had hidden herself, but then revealed.

AtomicSquid, famed for diorite set forth

To build a palace, set above all else

Near the heavens, constructed of fine stone

Afterward a city in all Venetian

Style, and another seafaring ship.

Also Fibular, famed in mapmaking

Created a many leveled tower

In appearance like a white wedding cake

With incredible care and thought, pleasing

To all senses, especially to sight.

Then that Doctor born of Australia

Famed architect of brilliant Fortuna

Set a circle upon the ocean, drained

The space dry, and placed therein a tower

In modern style, artfully designed.

Thus these godly men set an oasis

In a watery desert, and many

Other great creations in addition.


But the bitter Fates would not allow this

Paradise to be under posession

Forever and therefore enacted their

Plan to send forth the crew back to the wars

And painful strivings of barbarous men.

It was them who put it in mind to have

The base opened to the eyes of all, which

Would have resulted in nought, if it hadn't

Been that the unbreakable stone, which the

Gods set in a pattern, same among all

Worlds alike, was revealed by accident

By no malice or forethought of a member

And would have gone unnoticed except by

Those plotting eyes of Shreda, who had then

Mapped the location of this once hidden

Paradise and went to fulfill the lust

For wrathful destruction which consumed his

Black hateful heart. Waited he thus for an

Opportune time when the base, left empty

And vulnerable, and leapt as a lion

Upon an innocent gazelle, to gnash at

The tender flesh, so that the golden fur

Was stained entirely red and its life

To hang in the mouth of the terrible beast.

In like manner did Shreda set withers

Upon the fields and forests of the isle.

Flames did tear through the branches and consume

All precious creatures though tender and young.

The foundation of all the divinely

Constructed buildings were shook and to the

Ground they quickly fell with a frightful crash.

The high aloft palace and pagoda

Once sublime locales for meditations

Sweet and soul uplifting now were covered

In obscure and shapeless clouds of chaos

And death, full of terror and the unknown.

An isle once ruled by Peace and Order

Now conquered by the bloodthirsty Ares

And Phobos and Deimos as well, through their

Wicked messenger Winnie Pooh, whos wrath

Far outmatched that of even Achilles

Laid waste the nesian citadel and

Thus had the plan of JJ been fulfilled

And the world left forever changed with no

Soul remaining to feel secure no matter

What invulnerable materials be

Of its construction. And so the prophet

Sits inconsolable and despairing

Speaking his lamentations to no one.