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Monkey Gang was started in February of 2022 by Quervylol. They are known for PvPing, doxxing (although many members claim to have stopped now, although this is questionable), trolling revvvy, and griefing Coven. MonkeyGang is far younger than most players on 9b9t.

MonkeyGang's discord:

PvP[edit | edit source]

Monkey Gang was widely known for PvPing at spawn. Most members were more skilled than the average player at PvP. They have many rivalries, including Entrapy, HHAShaffer, DCRipper, QuinTheAsian, and many Newfags. QuinTheAsian amassed many Newfags to fight with him, and clean up nhub. Many members of MonkeyGang would log on, and fight these players and insult them in chat.

Grief of Coven[edit | edit source]

MonkeyGang, Coven, and NIP were three prominent groups, and coexisted relatively uneasily, but never having any major conflict. Coven was a group led by DCRipper, and NIP was a smaller group led by Entrapy. Everything changed when Coven attacked MonkeyGang's base, driving the Monkey's from their home jungle. With no home, the Monkey's became furious. NIP was unsure of which side to take, but eventually sided with MonkeyGang. Nsnippy, a Monkey, pretended to be DCRipper's friend, and eventually obtained coordinates to their base. MonkeyGang griefed Coven, with the group falling shortly after. DCRipper was also doxxed, which made him quit the server for a short period of time, although he still plays today.

The grief can be viewed on the MonkeyGang youtube channel.