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What follows is a list of discord servers that are specific to 9b9t and do not have a specific purpose other than other conversation about the server (this excludes client/group discords that are used as chat hubs occasionally). The other requirement for a server to be listed here is 1000 members. If you wish for one to be added, say so on the talk page.

  • 9bee9tee Pooblic Discord (September 12th, 2016–), created and ran by FraazT0. It was the first public discord to be used on the server, and still exists as main community-ran hub. It was terminated in November 16th 2021, and reopened on the same day.
  • People's Republic of 9b9t (July 8th, 2017–), created by Voisardian and later ran by fiverZ1998. It was created as a less moderated alternative to Pooblic, but has been largely inactive in the recent years.
  • 9b9t Official (February 13th, 2019–), created and ran by jj20051. It is the official 9b9t discord server, and the main place to receive technical support. It's, predictably, the largest of the three.