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SQUIDMASTER98 is a popular Midfag that joined in early 2019, although claims to have joined before Jj20051 and LTnk. He claims to have based at every prominent base in 9b, and says he is a master manipulator and gaslighted all the members to forget he ever based there. He also says that he owns the OldChum account, although this has yet to be proven. He also has many personality disorders and schizophrenia, but despite this still has influenced many players in the 9b community.

"OldChum, more like OldCum"
StatusNot affiliated with 9b9t
BasesGarfbase, Garfbase II, GarfBase III, Garfbase IV, Garfbase V
Known AltsTimNagle, Larped, GrabifyLink, Bedtrapped, Dreamphobic, Meevim, Gas_The_Juice

GarfGang[edit | edit source]

GarfGang arrived to 9b9t in 2020 shortly before the COVID pandemic. Squidmaster started GarfGang in middle school with a group of friends. The friends died in a car crash, but the idea lived on. SQUIDMASTER98 claimed not to be injured, but it is very possible he received a lot of blunt force head trauma to explain his erratic behavior. Other theories include there being a gas leak in his home. He does not like talking about this anymore. This points to potential trauma induced forgetfulness. To embrace his friend's memory, he started GarfGang on 9b9t. GarfGang's relevant members included Opticep, FungusGaming, SkyDivingDemon, ShartLord, pieconsumer, and koroki. xkoroki was added as an honorary member after Squidmaster and koroki met in real life and koroki gave Squidmaster surplus amounts of heroin. This heroin let Squidmaster battle his depressive episodes, and dulled the pain of building SNOWCAT.

GarfBase[edit | edit source]

GarfBase was founded in 1989, where his friends (before their death) made a fort with pillows at school. He carried the idea over to 9b9t. The most notable thing at GarfBase was Snow Cat. After the base was griefed, SQUIDMASTER98 left everything related to 9b9t. He occasionally talks to friends, and has came back to Official, although never joining Pooblic. His main account, SQUIDMASTER98, has never left the remains of GarfBase.

Snow Cat[edit | edit source]

Snow Cat is the largest map art ever made in not just 9b9t history, but Minecraft history. Started on November 14th, 2021, and finished building on May 24th, 2022. This project took an estimated 1.3-1.4k hours to complete, a couple hundred of which were due to mapart errors. This project was mapped via an exploit found by pieconsumer.It is 473.61% larger than Veil, the previous record holder in all of Minecraft, most famously depicted in SalC1's video found here. Snow Cat was never given the same recognition.