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Tyff (Teryllim)
BasesNo Name Base, Ergi Base
Known AltsBioSouppe, mexBMX13
PastObby Boys

Tyff (Now Teryllim) is an Oldfag who joined in early 2018. He is most known for spamming #place-with-cotton with edgy (To quote Teryllim, "Sigma Male") videos, and arguing in #schizo-channel with Frenchie and Felis.

Beginnings[edit | edit source]

Teryllim logged in with his real life friends, abstaining from chat and dug a tunnel 800k out in the nether. He put autowalk on five alternate accounts and made a stash full of mending books by afk fishing on all of his alts. He then dug to 12m 12m in the nether (This was before baritone) and founded a base with his friends that was never named except for a year after it's founding when Koroki found the base while basehunting and decided not to grief it, and named it "No Name Base".

No Name Base[edit | edit source]

Prior to Koroki's arrival at No Name Base, Teryllim and his five friends built there. Teryllim made several maparts there, but he didn't have a carpet duper so he poured water over lava lakes and used the obsidian for the black coloring in the mapart. Upon Koroki's arrival, he showed a carpet duper design to the less intelligent natives of 12m12m, and their mapart production rate increased exponentially. Koroki left as soon as he came after making a castle there. Around Febuary of 2020 Teryllim's friends stopped playing for about a year, until founding Ergi base.

Ergi Base[edit | edit source]

Ergi Base was far larger than No Name Base. Ergi Base was founded around 2021 and Teryllim duped double chests of individual items, making it hard to navigate their stash. Koroki no longer knew of the base's coordinates, which made Teryllim feel more secure. Not much is known about this base, as his friends quit after 6 months of the base's life.

Modern Day[edit | edit source]

Teryllim is mostly in Pooblic arguing or in #place-with-cotton