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"Lord, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner."
JoindateOctober 2020
BasesSpecus Ruina, WooQ, Midnight Mansion
Known Altsjbeley, AmethystROOT,
PastPogland & Imperials
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FLuffery is a newfag on 9b9t.

History[edit | edit source]

2020[edit | edit source]

In 2020, Fluffery didn't do much. He managed to escape spawn after several tries and established a base at 30000 Overworld and survived.

2021[edit | edit source]

he met WombatYoo at spawn and Wombat's real life friend named Endstar. Together they founded Omada under the name "Team Woo". This orginally was an error of fluffery not being able to properly speak english and said "Woo" instead of "Yoo", because WombatYoo wanted to name their base at 1 million after himself.

During the time before the base at 1 million was founded and after meeting WombatYoo, Fluffery also met another person named GypsySkull. This is when they joined Pogland in order to help GypsySkull get kits. Fluffery also met (double)Dugs2 at a pogland event shortly after joining. After the base at 1 million got greifed from being insided, he went to go base with GypsySkull at Specus Ruina I. That base would ultimately fall due to mistakes done by Fluffery.

Pogland v Omada[edit | edit source]

  • The first mistake being greifing a pogland stash made by Dugs2 with nkim123.
  • The second being sharing the coordinates to Specus Ruina I with Dugs2.
  • After being embarrassed after the greif, they renamed Team Woo to Omada Woo, which would quickly just become Omada.
  • To get a quick jab back at Dugs, they greifed a stash of his

All partiess considered it light-hearted, footage of these events can be found on Fluffery's and nkim123's youtube channels.

After the group went and founded Specus Ruina II, which would be found by a basehunting pogland member and greifed, shortly after Specus Ruina 3 was founded.

(specific timeline of events during September 2021-August 2022 are hazy due to lost media)

on 11th of September 2021, Omada made a discord server accepting new members. many of these members would go to a spawn base named "Midnight Mansion" by WombatYoo getting it's name for being a large obsidian cube made in November 2020. Many private Omada events are still held there. Members to have come from this period of time are NSnippy, Postal Dude, Coqs, and IdkCarl, Omada would close applications in November 2021 after not wanting to maintain low-tier bases and focus on Specus Ruina III, The coordinates to the still standing Specus Ruina 3.1 were lost due to all the members being spawnfags and pvping. while the group were on their pvp honeymoon, they met RayRay. After the pvp phase was over Coqs and Postal dude made a base that was supposed to be Specus Ruina 3 but no one travelled there due to distance.

2022[edit | edit source]

In early 2022, Omada teamed up to form a multi-server group called Romatrium, with Rnozen, and Yttrium, Many of the circle Fluffery is in today comes from Pogland and Romatrium. in Mid 2022, Fluffery and RayRay went to go play 2b2t after Fluffery wasted a ton of money on priority queue for several of his friends. Fluffery would play on 2b2t until October 2022 and returned founding Specus Ruina 3.2 after most of Omada quit anarchy because of boredom and lack of interest, The original base of Specus Ruina 3.2 was completely mined and moved 11k blocks overworld after a coordinate leak. Specus Ruina 3.2 was claimed as "Omadan Retirement Town", this base would last 4 (Sept 2022-Jan 2023) months and would get greifed due to drama between CatGirlLana and NSnippy, both Omada members at the time.

2023[edit | edit source]

Fluffery "left" 9b9t after Specus Ruina 3.21 got greifed, He would then rarely log on until coming back in May 2023 to work on Yet Another Specus Ruina, Specus Ruina 4. Many of the Original Omada members came back to breifly work on the base aswell. those being Wamuu, WombatYoo, GypsySkull, WhatsVape, and Sildro.