End portal frames

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End portal frames are one of the many illegal items on 9b9t.

Creation[edit | edit source]

End portal frames have been created on two occasions, the first time was in early 2016 by Bezopasan when he had creative. Bezopasan gave some of his end portal frames to other Legion members, such as LTnk and ParadigmPlague. LTnk gave 11 of his frames to Jot_ and ParadigmPlague shared them with the members of K2.

The second time was during the 2YAE by LamBadger when jj gave him creative mode. He gave 2 of his end portal frames to dyu to store at 30m30m to keep them safe from jj.

2018[edit | edit source]

The existance of end portal frames was a tightly kept secret up until 2018 when rumors and screenshots showing them started to spread. On November 13th, the end portal frames that LamBadger gave to dyu were brought to Jeffbase 4.2 where they were duped using the chunk dupe. The members of Jeffbase 4.2 immediately started giving out end portal frames to their friends and flexing on everyone. jj did not appreciate this and created a plugin to wipe end portal frames and other illegals from the server.