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"Join Anarchy Links Hub!"
JoindateSeptember 7th, 2019
BasesUnion Hills, Castle Blackfyre, Mercia
Known AltsMrStealYourPants, _CrabRave_
PastTeam Blackfyre

GamingDerp91, commonly referred to as "Derp", is a well known player on 9b9t. He is mostly known as the owner of the Anarchy Links Hub and as a member (and, later, as one of the leaders, of Blackfyre).

Early days[edit | edit source]

GamingDerp joined 9b9t on September 7th, 2019. He was a prominent member in "Blackfyre", it first started out on 2b2t, but later switched to 9b9t.

Blackfyre[edit | edit source]

After ACE disbanded (a Constantiam group he ran), GamingDerp joined a 2b2t group called "Blackfyre". After a bit of drama, and the group not being able to buy everyone prio-queue, Blackfyre switched to 9b9t. GamingDerp and the other members of the small group (at the time) went to the main base "Union Hills". After making some good connections in the community, TheWhiteWolf (the main leader of Blackfyre) was able to get the group a working dupe. Blackfyre was a bit over 1 year old before they disbanded. The group had around 40 members at its peak, which consisted of PvP'ers, builders, and exploiters. It was a private invite-only group. As of February 2021 Blackfyre was disbanded.

Bases[edit | edit source]

Blackfyre has had multiple bases but the bases listed below are the ones GamingDerp has been to/based at himself. Although the group has a strong policy against a member being at more than one base, meaning GamingDerp was only at a select few.

Union Hills[edit | edit source]

A screenshot of the first Blackfyre base, "Union Hills"

"Union Hills" was the first main base of the 9b9t group "Blackfyre". It was created in early 2020 and was nuked by Blackfyre in mid 2020. The base was founded by a member called "Timmy". He founded the base and then went inactive for a few months. The base was surrounded by walls (that were never finished), and had a melon and wheat farm. There was also a storage area, and a "flex spiral" (named and built by GamingDerp) that was made out of only gold and diamond blocks in the shape of a spiral. There were streets connecting the builds, and even an underground road. There was also a "testing facility" underground that spanned for 40 chunks, as it was a place to test lag machines and other things to break the server. About 3k away there was a duping tunnel with pens to hold donkeys and llamas in, up on a hill above was the storage area where they'd store all their duped kits. But sadly, the base was nuked by Blackfyre after one of the members called "Cloud", got mad at another member because of a personal issue. Cloud then got kicked from the group and threatened to blow up the base, so the next day all the members of Union Hills got on and griefed it themselves before he got the chance to. The group had a world download of the base, and MadamGiggles (a Constantiam youtuber) made a video on it where she explored it with the group. Here is that video, and here is a cinematic video of the base.

Castle Blackfyre[edit | edit source]

Castle Blackfyre was an even bigger base than Union Hills. In the front part of the base, there was a gigantic castle. There was a custom village in the middle with a big tree as the centerpiece. There was a meeting hall, a quarry, and a huge stump (it was going to be a tree) that GamingDerp tried to build but wasn't motivated enough to finish. Derp ended up living in one of the village houses because he didn't feel like finishing his house. He didn't end up doing much at the base, and for a few members, it was the last one they'd be at before they left the group. At some point, Houdini and his friend somehow ended up finding the base. At the time, Blackfyre and Houdini were in kahoots, Houdini DM'd Wolf on Discord, and Wolf got the base members to get on and nuke the base, just for "security reasons".

Picture of the second Blackfyre base "Castle Blackfyre"

Mercia[edit | edit source]

Mercia was the third Blackfyre base GamingDerp had been to. The base was started in July, and lasted till 2/12/2021, (February 12, 2021). It was griefed by two ex-blackfyre members. The base was big, and pretty spread-out. In the main area there were floating islands, a dragon skull, and a Blackfyre logo. Derp built a dome with a water tube inside it. Inside his dome he had a bedroom, a dog room (with 6 dogs, 4 were unnamed, the two named ones were called "Rose" and "Jack"), a recreation of Nether 0 0, a storage area, and another room that Wolf, Warvan, and Lucario were going to live in. Derp also built and finished a giant Blackfyre symbol, it was made out of 10x10 obsidian blocks, and was finished mere hours before the grief. The group found out in a weird way about the grief, another ex-blackfyre member DM'd Derp on Discord and asked why the two (unnamed) builders of the base were griefing it and streaming it in a 9bee9tee Pooblic VC. Derp, Warvan and Lucario then got onto the server. Warvan killed one of the griefers and chased the other one off in an elytra chase. Other people showed up to the base to grief it, but then another Blackfyre pvp'er called "Rydal" got on and helped Warvan kill them. The base now lays in ruins.

Griefs[edit | edit source]

In its time, Blackfyre had griefed a lot of bases. Most of the time Blackfyre got their coords either by turning members against their group, insiding, or using privately made exploits. Down below are the reported timelines of said griefs. When Blackfyre griefs a bunch of bases at once, they liked to call them "Crusades", as a meme, they had 3 Crusades..

Spawn Goons[edit | edit source]

A screenshot of the "Spawn Goon's" outpost Blackfyre griefed

This was Blackfyre's first ever grief as a group, although it wasn't recorded as it wasn't a base, it was an outpost. This outpost was owned and operated by the "Spawn Goons", a group Blackfyre was enemies with at the time. So when the group got the Goon's coords, they took 8 members (including GamingDerp) and went to go blow up the outpost. They met up at a point on the Southern Overworld Canal (which was built by a SCC member called "AuraTheLucario") and walked to the outpost in the Overworld, which was a few thousand blocks away, then griefed it.

A screenshot of the "Swastika Highway" Derp built before griefing Iron Nexus

Iron Nexus[edit | edit source]

A screenshot of Iron Nexus's first main base, "El Dorado", being griefed by Blackfyre
A screenshot of Iron Nexus's base, "Zycon", being griefed by Blackfyre

"Iron Nexus" was the first group Blackfyre had officially griefed (twice). The leader of Blackfyre, TheWhiteWolf, had insided the group and got the coordinates to their main base. Here is both videos of their main bases getting blown to pieces. First Grief, Second Grief. Iron Nexus also had their discord nuked (twice) right after the griefs occurred. The group stayed active for awhile after getting nuked but eventually went inactive. At the first Iron Nexus grief, GamingDerp built a "swastika highway" in the nether by the portal. It was a bridge/highway only made out of swastikas.

Communism 9b9t[edit | edit source]

A screenshot of Communism 9b9t's base, "Simp Base Alpha", being griefed by Blackfyre

Communism 9b9t was the second group that Blackfyre nuked. Communism was a group most people on 9b9t hated, since it constantly spammed chat to try and get new members, GamingDerp found the discord while searching for 9b9t related servers to archive in Anarchy Links Hub, he DM'd the link to TheWhiteWolf saying "We have nothing to do, wanna try and inside this group?" TheWhiteWolf went in and applied, a few hours later he was accepted into the group. During this time period, Blackfyre pretended to be inactive, everyone who spawnfagged was now required to use an unidentified alt account to do so. After a month of insiding Communism 9b9t, TheWhiteWolf gained access to their main base and dupe stash. He waited three days so the group could prepare, and everyone could get to the meetup point they had in the Nether. Once everyone met up, they traveled to the exact Overworld coords of the base. Then, in the dead of night, they made the Nether portal, but right as they were about to go through, 9b9t went down. As reported by GamingDerp, "Everyone freaked out in the VC because some people had to sleep soon. In a frantic manner, Wolf DM'd JJ on Discord to try and get the server back up. 5 Minutes later it was up, everyone hopped through the portal except one member, who sadly went to sleep. People went crazy, there was TNT being placed everywhere it could be. That was the day, people could finally spam their phrase in chat, and the base was being blown to a crater." TheWhiteWolf then went onto the discord and gave the other Blackfyre members admin, and they nuked the server. Here is the video of the Communism grief.

Grove Street Gang[edit | edit source]

A screenshot of Grove Street Gang's only base being griefed by Blackfyre

A few months later, GamingDerp found the discord to a new and very small 9b9t group called "Grove Street Gang", which he joined. They recognized him as being the owner of ALH, and after four days he got admin in their discord and was invited into the base. GamingDerp got prepared, and him and TheWhiteWolf proceeded to blow up their base and two stashes. Here is the video about the grief. That was the quickest inside and grief in Blackfyre history.

Hanukkah Club 9b9t[edit | edit source]

A screenshot of Hanukkah Club's main base getting griefed by Blackfyre

For the Hannukah Club 9b9t grief, here was a member insiding them and her name was "Sumu". Sumu got in calls with the Hanukkah Club members, built at their bases, and after two months got their main base coordinates. Blackfyre had to act dead again that way she wouldn't be questioned about why she's trying to join another group. Gimlet didn't want to invite her to the base at all, because he knew there might've been something up, but his members kept begging him to add her to the base, which made the process take a lot longer than it would've normally. Once Blackfyre received the coordinates to the base, everyone met up in the nether, and then traveled to the portal together. They all went through, and were met with the biggest base they had ever seen, it was absolutely enormous, and took over 5 hours to finish griefing it. Sadly, GamingDerp had accidentally killed himself in the first 15 minutes of the grief, so he re-geared and tried to go back onto the highway to join the other members at the base, he got halfway there, but by that point it was already 3 AM, so he decided to go to sleep. GamingDerp reports, "You could never even imagine how big it was, even while we were griefing the base, there was a Hanukkah member online 'at' the base, and he didn't even know it was being griefed until Blackfyre members rolled up onto him and killed him." Here is a video about the grief.

Imperials[edit | edit source]

A screenshot of one of the Imperials main bases being griefed by Blackfyre

Blackfyre had griefed four Imperial main bases, but GamingDerp was only at one of them (both will be linked below though). There were two griefing squads, one for each base, "Squad 1" and "Squad 2". GamingDerp was in Squad 1. Squad 1 got ready and waited at the portal for Wolf's command, and the moment he said to go they all stepped in and were put inside a small ice village. They quickly nuked it and placed Blackfyre branded withers. Here are the videos about both griefs, Grief 1 and Grief 2.

7ony2[edit | edit source]

Blackfyre got coordinates to a base owned by 7ony2 through one of their insiders. Since they didn't know how long the base would last, TheWhiteWolf took three other members to the grief (including GamingDerp). Before the grief while they were waiting on one member to get to the meetup point, Derp built a "swastika box", it was like his swastika highway, but in box form. Here is a video of the grief.