Spawn Goons

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Spawn Goons
Maggut's stuffed rat, mascot of the group.
Founded onLate 2019
Founded bymaggut, 0neb
Prominent members0neb, IKEA_Rat, Redroga
Base(s)Goonbase, GoonbaseV2
Main purposeGriefing spawn and highways
RivalriesAurora, Renegade, Pooblic
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The Spawn Goons were a group founded in 2019 by maggut for the purpose of griefing spawn as much as possible. Later on, "griefing highways that are too small" also became a focus of the group.

Another achievement of the group was convincing the whole server that their leader, maggut, had died[1], getting even jj himself to express condolences[2].

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. This (archived) is the Reddit post where they first announced his death.
  2. There seem to be no surviving screenshots of the message in question, sadly.