Hydra (group)

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Hydra (group)
Hydra's logo
Founded onJuly 19th, 2020 (old Hydra)
January 1st, 2021 (new Hydra)
Founded byRedroga, Guacamold, iSudo (old Hydra)
Camatar, Redroga and Frank157 (new Hydra)
Disbanded onSeptember 2020 (old Hydra)
September 2021 (new Hydra)
Cause of disbandmentBoredom (both iterations)
Leader(s)iSudo (old Hydra)
Camatar (new Hydra) Redroga (new & old Hydra) Twin0us (new Hydra)
Prominent membersSoggyBacco, Redd, Sable__, GrandOlive, Neroga, Nicketic, A2E2, Crossinq
Base(s)Hydra goon base[1]
Main purposePvP
RivalriesCrusaders, GCC, Blackfyre, Xenon

Hydra was a group focused on PvP[2], founded by Redroga, Guacamold and iSudo in mid July 2020. The name choice was a coincidence and completely unrelated to the similarly named HydraBases by iSlime. The main goal of the group was to become the one group that is "in everything" (hence the name choice[3]). After falling to internal drama after a few months of activity, former members Camatar, Redroga and Frank157 brought it back in January 2021, and it lasted all the way until September. Up to September it was the largest group to have a presence in 9b9t's history.

History[edit | edit source]

Old Hydra[edit | edit source]

Hydra's first spawn meetup. From left to right, Frank157, Cryptic Loki, 3pound, S8NK and Redroga took the ss.

In its first lifespan, Hydra was very active at spawn with the participation of Redroga, CrypticLoki, Warvan, VezYn4ik, Frank157, 3pound and occasionally iSudo. Among their first enemies were Aires2, Neroga and Nicketic.

Hydra began declining when GrandOlive, a member of the Crusaders, decided to inside Hydra for unknown reasons. Opticep (leader of the Crusaders) eventually tipped iSudo off on the subject and this sparked a fight between the two groups. GCC ended up into the mess when their leader, LinusTouchTips, tried to aid Crusaders in insiding Hydra. Various clashes happened between the two groups[4], which Hydra ended up winning on the field because, unlike their opponents, their main focus was PvP and could therefore field an impressive amount of fighters. Hydra ended up winning when Opticep, Leader of Crusaders quit for some time and a Hydra insider got admin in GCC and nuked there discord server. Many Crusaders bases were compromised after some time and were nuked by iSudo, Redroga and 3pound.

The group pretty much died when Opticep managed to convince 1stHoudini to dox iSudo; he went rogue, gave everyone admin on discord and quit the server, effectively killing the group. The name "Hydra" vanished from people's mouths for several months, when a few players, some whom had joined the original Hydra only in its later stages.

New Hydra[edit | edit source]

GamingDerp logged in the last fight Blackfyre would partake in. Hydra won the fight later that night.
Hydra at spawn.

Camatar, Redroga and Frank157 breathed new life in the group in early 2021. Through January and February, Hydra fought repeatedly against Blackfyre (a group Camatar, 3pound and Redroga were all former members of). Most of the clashes were won by Hydra, once again due to a significant difference in the number of PvPers both could field: on Blackfyre's side, it mostly was just Warvan, _Rydal and GamingDerp. Hydra's victory was secured when Blackfyre eventually disbanded due to infighting.

Hydra later merged with Synister, a group mainly focused on other anarchy servers whose leader, TwinOus, had often helped Hydra expand into other servers. Together with him, he brought a number of skilled PvPers. Together they fought Eclipse, a 0b0t group, nuking their discord and forcing their leaders to quit. The same thing soon happened to Team GcGubobo.

On the 26th of February, Camatar was token logged by running an old Aurora client version; the discord was however spared from being nuked due to his swift intervention.

In late June, a group of former Hydra members split off and created a group named Xenon, led by xXFireside, who was kicked out after a 2-1 vote between Redroga, Camatar, and TwinOus.

Hydra 2 spawn takeover

There was many great battles between Hydra and Xenon. Practically every day there was Hydra goons such as, Neroga, Nicketic, A2E2 and Redroga fighting Xenon PvPers such as xXFireside, Soloditto, ipgrabba and Pexku. The majority of the battles ended with a Hydra win due to Xenon having less skilled PvPers.

In early August Camatar had made a alternative discord account and began to inside Xenon. Once getting discord administrative permission, he nuked the group's discord and with help, A bunch of Hydra goons nuked all the dupe stashes they had stow away in the discord. Hydra had wiped Xenon from 9b9t. Here's a video of the griefs and nukes[5].

The group slowly declined in August when 1stHoudini turned against Camatar doxing him and prompting him to quit. In September Hydra disbanded due to the group being busy and the lack of leadership.

Foreign Relations[edit | edit source]

Xenon: War

Result: War was won on 7-28-21


Result: War was won on 9-1-20

Crusaders: War

Result: War was won on 9-1-20

Blackfyre: War

Result: War was won on 2-20-21

GoldenDawn: War

Result: War was won on 1-1-21

Renegade: Ally

Ally since 5-1-21

SoupGang: Ally

Ally since 6-14-21

ExShoNek: War

Result: Hydra won around August of 2021 no exact date.

Members (As of September 2021)[edit | edit source]

Leaders[edit | edit source]

Hydra VIP[edit | edit source]

Hydra+[edit | edit source]

Hydra[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. Officially, the group has no base, but there is a video of _Rydal griefing a base that really looks like theirs.
  2. Here's a playlist of Hydra PvP montages.
  3. It's an MCU reference.
  4. Here's a video of Hydra crashing GCC's spawn event.
  5. Here's a video of Hydra ending Xenon.