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Welcome to the 9b9t wiki! As the name suggests, this is a wiki about 9b9t, an anarchy Minecraft server started on June 19th, 2016, anarchy meaning no rules, no moderators, no filters. The map was never reset and the server rocks an established community and years of history. This wiki strives to be a more """professional""" alternative to the Fandom one, also owned by myself. On this wiki, you are supposed to follow the rules and keep up a certain level of quality. If you can't stand the very concept of rules and quality standards, head on to the free-for-all Fandom alternative.

The Rules

  1. Avoid being too partial. It's not informative if it's propaganda.
  2. Write in proper English.
  3. Only use 3rd person. Even if you are writing about yourself, do not ever refer to yourself as "I" or "me" and such.
  4. Only write about relevant players/bases/events.
    1. A player or group is deemed relevant if at least thirty players know about it, regardless of how active they are. You are not to write about you and your newfag friend you met on the highway two days ago. If you really feel the need to make a page about yourself but don't meet the requirements, make it on your user page, like this guy did. I won't delete those, pinky promise.
    2. A happening is deserving of its own page only if it's unquestionably something that affected a good chunk of the server. I'm sorry to break it to you, but nobody cares about the sixty-ninth incursion you started with your friend, nor about that time you accidentally killed your pet parrot due to Sweeping Edge.
    3. A base is deemed relevant if it has a member deemed relevant, if it lasted two months or longer or if it's placed at interesting coordinates (although in that case it's more of a milestone than a base).
  5. Do not ask for admin.
  6. Do not write about activity on other servers, unless it's strictly related to 9b9t happenings. Nobody wants to hear about your adventures on Pocket Edition anarchy.
  7. This should go without saying, but NO GRAPHIC NSFW OF ANY KIND. Map arts are an exception, as long as they don't depict anything illegal.
  8. If it happened when you weren't there, you need to cite some sources. In general, you're considered responsible for what you write in here. Therefore, if good faith can't be assumed, liars will be punished.
    1. If possible, use services such as the Wayback Machine and to save permanent backups of your sources.
  9. Use the damned templates the right way. You can find instruction on each template's page.

Note that, even if it's not explicitly forbidden in the rules, you can still be punished for doing dumb shit.

"Sounds great, how do I help you?"

If you agree to the rules I wrote above, you can start editing right ahead, buddy. To edit an exiting page navigate to it and click the "edit" button on the top right (duh). To create a new one, search for it. MediaWiki will inform you that such a page does not exist, and prompt you to make it. Here are a few places to start from if you need ideas:

  • Category:Stubs for existing pages that need some more work.
  • Big Players for the "List of Certified Players". All players on it should have a page, so if you're looking for some article ideas, this is a good place to start.
  • The coordinate map that Zelice made. Most bases in the map should have a page, so if you're looking for some article ideas, this is a good place to start.

IMPORTANT: Edits made while not logged in will be registered under your IP address, which will then be on display! It's heavily recommended that you create an account. Edit without logging in at your own risk.

Useful pages

  • Regular Players for a list of players that play/used to play regularly. This page is the only exception to rule 4.
  • 9b9t for a vague explanation of what this wiki is all about.
  • jj20051 for the neckbeard that started it all.