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"Kill all babies"
Is that Zeus or something?
JoindateJuly 23rd, 2016
BasesNVHQ4, Zelice’s 2016 Spawnbase, Midgard, The Cathedral of Lord JJ, Dohana, NVHQ7, Requiem, NVHQ10
Known AltsDohana
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Zelice is a famous player and oldfag on 9b9t, famous for being a longtime New Valkyria and later Dohana and Requiem member.

History[edit | edit source]

(This all needs to be way more in depth)

Early days[edit | edit source]

(part about his PvP career, use the history video on him as reference)

New Valkyria[edit | edit source]

Zelice was recruited at spawn by Minecart11 during NVHQ4 and was eventually invited to the base. He had started to build a dark oak house, but the base was griefed before it could be fully completed. He was present at all NVHQs after that one.

Map break[edit | edit source]

Zelice was the first player to hit map limit, during the 11/11 dupe, with the help of heat1804 and Vinny1122. This led to him becoming, for a long while, one of the most hated players on the server.

Midgard and afterwards[edit | edit source]

He was invited by Minecart to Midgard. There he obtained his playerhead, the very first on the server together with Minecart's, as a token of apology from jj20051 for having accidentally teleported AidsCure to their base. Midgard was eventually griefed by SyotosGreen and FlaShBaK_, and Zelice found himself homeless once more.

After Midgard was griefed, he joined Minecart at The Cathedral of Lord JJ and helped him finish the initial construction. He helped with the exterior and with some minor details. The coordinates were however leaked by Lada_the_Builder and the base was destroyed.

Dohana[edit | edit source]

Wondering on the highway, Minecart accidentally found Dohana, Tentanes' longtime project. Him and Zelice began basing there, starting the construction of Dohana City not far off from the main build. They remained there between 2017 and 2018, until them lighting an end portal at the base led to jared2013 griefing the base.

Requiem[edit | edit source]

With Minecart quitting, Zelice led the remains of the Parthenon, the group behind Dohana, to create a new base, called Requiem at the beinning of summer 2019. The base was eventually destroyed by FlaShBaK_, SyotosGreen and FraazT0, after the first two obtained the coordinates by unknown means.

Minecart returned eventually, and the two stareted back New Valkyria, though the group at this point has become little more than a meme.

Somnium[edit | edit source]

The successor to Requiem, Somnium was griefed in early 2021 by unknown means.