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"I would say I'm one of the most trustworthy people on this server." - CirocDrip
JoindateAugust 2018
Known AltsQuitCopingKids, BlacksAreCavemen
GriefsAurora Stash
PastAurora, 9gang

SpicyBigDaddy is an Oldfag who joined early 2018. He is known for trolling Newfags.

Beginnings[edit | edit source]

Spicy joined 9b9t in 2018, and escaped spawn rather quickly. He immediately set up a 500 dub stash with the chunk dupe, with KxngCartier, the same man who termed Pooblic. Spicy managed to convince Cartier he had his sister's snapchat and made him so mad he termed Pooblic.[1]

PvP Career[edit | edit source]

Spicy was a pomegranate Pvper in early 9b9t. Before the Industrial Revolution of PvP, he terrorized Oldfags and Newfags alike at spawn, whether it be with his formidable PvP skills, or his autistic tendencies. Spicy made a video displaying his PvP abilites in this video here. Aurora was a PvP group full of people who didn't like him. He went into their discord and shitposted. This enraged Aurora to the point they tried to doxx Spicy. However, Spicy was not phased and successfully insided them on an alternate account. This made Aurora even more angry than they were originally, and to pour salt in the wound, Spicy griefed Aurora's main stash, meaning that they would not have a resupply of PvP kits. Once Spicy returned to spawn, a hit team of 5 digital gangsters (Aurora members) tried to assassinate Spicy. Spicy killed them all, draining their echest of all their kits, making them unable to fight as they had no resources. Historical footage of Aurora's main stash getting griefed is on Spicy's channel.

Piloting Career[edit | edit source]

One day, when Spicy was entering college, in the beginning of 2020, while talking to xkoroki, koroki convinced him to go to flight school so he could start meeting up with fellow 9b9t players in real life. Spicy thought this idea was wonderful, and a few weeks later, he entered flight school. In Summer of 2023, he became a pilot. After getting adjusted flying commercial flights, he flew himself to Britain to meet Treewalker2. Spicy accounted that the plane tilted to one side because of the weight imbalance because of how much Treewalker2 weighs, and he had to make an emergency landing. Another account from Spicy, which was verified, is that a passenger on his plane was wearing a motorcycle helmet. Spicy inquired, and the man wearing the helmet explained the mathematics and physics of why wearing a bike helmet would increase his chances of survival if the plane crashed. With a STROKE of genius from Spicy, he recommended the man wear multiple pillows on his chest and back to cushion the fall. The man realized how genius this was, and in an attempt to save his life from potential danger, duct taped 7 pillows to his body.

Spicy Today and Trolling[edit | edit source]

Spicy trolling oh_finks

Spicy is still active in the Pooblic Discord, and still trolls many Newfags. A recent example of this is his trolling of oh_finks, a linux user. Spicy frequently commented on how Linux was a virus. This enraged oh_finks, and began a downward spiral that made him fall into a deep depression. The final straw was when oh_finks was on a Minecraft server hosted by Quadcore, and koroki and Spicy bedtrapped oh_finks. oh_finks became very mad, and started talking in Pooblic about how doxbin blocked tor users. Then, he sent an image of Spicy's steam page shortly after. Using his superior intellect, Koroki deduced that oh_finks was attempting to doxx Spicy over the bedtrap. oh_finks admitted this, and Spicy brought the dilemma to their DMS. Spicy said that they should meet up since oh_finks only lives 5 hours away. Still mad about the incident, oh_finks wanted to fight Spicy in real life, and took a train all the way to New York City. oh_finks wandered around, before realizing Spicy was trolling him the entire time. This sent oh_finks into an "eternal baby rage". Spicy then told oh_finks he did not think he was actually going to come, so a few days later he convinced oh_finks to take the entire trip again, only to realize Spicy was still not there. He sent oh_finks to Battery Park, as south as you can get. This made oh_finks furious. Each trip cost oh_finks a minimum of 30 dollars, plus 10 hours of total commute time, over 7 miles of walking, and a flurry of emotions and rage. it was also raining the second time, and on the way back oh_finks mistakenly missed his stop, so he had to spend money on another ticket. overall it was pretty based.

  1. Spicy said someday he will apologize to FraazT0.