9b9t Police

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9b9t Police
From left to right: BradleyCrazy, unknown, unknown, fiverZ1998, unknown, unknown
Founded onJanuary 2017 (exact day unknown)
Founded byAidenthestar1
Disbanded onLate 2019
Cause of disbandmentInactivity
Prominent membersAidenthestar1, fiverZ1998, FangAlien, BradleyCrazy
Main purposeHighway maintenance, hunting laggers, spawn PvP
AffiliationsTeam Nemesis, Fifth ISIS
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The 9b9t Police were a group irregularly active between January 2017 and late 2019. While never officially disbanded, the 9b9t Police doesn't seem to have been active since their feud with the Imperials in September of 2019.

They group started with the purpose of identifying lag machine users and coordinating community retaliation against them[1], though this objective seems to have been abandoned after a few months[2]. In later times their purpose shifted to "maintaining the highways", though they have been known to engage in spawn PvP and griefing, as well as in feuds with other groups.

Though formally unrelated, in 2017 and 2018 it was by many considered a "spawn detachment" of Team Nemesis, with whom they were closely linked (many Nemesis members held high ranking positions within the Police, and showed little regard for the actual leader of the group[3]).

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  1. This was their stated goal (archived).
  2. Might be connected to the split between the 9b9t Pooblic Discord and the People's Republic of 9b9t: the group took a clear stance in favor of the latter, alienating many of their previous supporters. This is just speculation: what is certain is that they stopped hunting laggers sometime after this happened.
  3. He was even excluded by the group picture (archived)