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The official logo of the Imperials[1]. That in the center is the dragon, taken from The Elder Scrolls, which is their main symbol.
Founded onGlobal: Disputed[2]
9b9t branch: 2018[3]
Founded byUnknown[4]
Leader(s)Global: brickzebra
9b9t branch: FuriousJan
Prominent membersMrCK10, Gamerman[5], FuriousJan Shotz, brickzebra, ScoobyDooPimp
Main purpose"Server takeover", trolling, spamming, PvP, building, highway repairing
RivalriesSEAL Team (201)6, ExShoNek, New Valkyria, 9b9t Police, The Hole Coalition, many more

The Imperials (officially "The Imperial Empire" and, at times, "The Imperial Republic" or even "The Imperial Empire Republic", shortened as IER) are an infamous group active on 2b2t and other clones. They operate in "branches", the main one being on 2b2t, all under one "Emperor", who controls more or less directly the branches of the server. They have a strict hierarchy, which is uncommon on 9b9t, and have a very complex "system of government"[7] The group has the outspoken goal of "taking over the server" by replacing all other groups and, ultimately, "enforce their law".

History[edit | edit source]

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Criticism[edit | edit source]

The Imperials are one of the most hated groups in the history of the server. The vast majority of other groups despise them, as well as many unaffiliated players. The most common talking points against Imperials are:

  • Their obnoxious advertising of mostly false achievements.
  • Their attempts to claim builds made by others as theirs.
  • Their attempt to "enforce their law" on an anarchy server and intent to "rule" over everyone.
  • Their roleplay not belonging in an anarchy environment and instead being more befitting of a faction server.
  • Their former leader MrCK10 being accused of selling child pornography by none other than Sato86.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. As reported by their official wiki.
  2. Their official sources state 2014, however no evidence of this exists. Detractors claim that their "revival of 2016" was actually their beginning; they certainly weren't known until much later. Believing in their "mythology", as the 2b2t wiki calls it, is one of the requirements to join.
  3. A fact acknowledged even by themselves on their wiki.
  4. The group itself claims to have been founded by a player called "Legatus"; the founder of the 9b9t branch is "unknown", but it was likely MrCK10, longtime leader ("emperor") of the group as well as an active 9b9t player.
  5. Not linked as he wasn't much active on 9b9t; also, there is evidence that he is in fact MrCK10's alt.
  6. Often short lived and similarly named (e.g. "Imperial Main Base"), it would be pointless to list them all, especially because no reliable source on them exists.
  7. It won't be covered on this wiki due to the frequent changes. For a biased source, look on their official wiki, otherwise check their page on the 2b2t wiki.