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Florida was a major base founded by FangAlien, tallfr1end and zweiton on October 5, 2020. This base was initially meant to be a small spawn outpost and thus, was built incredibly close to spawn and to the highway. Despite this, the base stood for nearly nine months and eventually evolved to become large enough to host nearly 25 members at its height.

Tall's Cathedral and Pillars
Founded onOctober 5, 2020
Founded byFangAlien, tallfr1end, zweiton
Griefed onMay 28, 2021
Griefed byUnknown
MembersFangAlien, tallfr1end, zweiton, DR. DRE, Crazy, CyFi, DotingWinner14, FraazT0, King_Wulfang, Thurloyd, Bluebery, Lambadger, RiverPopcorn994, Motugs, DeadlySloth72, Sea Pickle, Supreme2, FloridaSS, Emil07, Nuk5, Mallyx, Old Chum, StazMaster, ImBarelyIllegal
Major buildsTall's Cathedral, Mapart Gallery, Zweiton's Tower, The Void, Tall's Pillars

Early History[edit | edit source]

FangAlien, zweiton and tallfr1end are pictured posing in front of the cathedral at Florida. The base's dupe stash was located below the building.

Florida began as a spawn outpost between tallfr1end and FangAlien. The idea of turning it into a full-fledged base was conceived when FangAlien met zweiton in the 9b9t Pooblic Discord and the two made a plan to trade illegal items on the server. The two realized, however, that they both were at the same stash and thus, had the same illegals. After this realization, a conversation regarding starting a base took place, during which FangAlien revealed to zweiton that he already had a spot mapped out near spawn with another player, tallfr1end. The outpost was called TallFang at this time, but with the addition of a third member, it was felt that a name change was in order.

tallfr1end's earliest base on the server, The Kingdom of Florida, had been made with a few of his friends: RiverPopcorn994, Motugs and FloridaSS. From this, the name Florida was born.

Middle History, Height of Activity[edit | edit source]

Following the genesis of Florida as a small base, more members were slowly invited. The trend was a slow trickle of new members being added to the base's roster throughout its lifetime up until it was griefed. For much of the base's early and middle lifetime, there was an active dupe, which was an iteration of the donkey dupe. This resulted in an excess of materials, gear and items that were duped purely for the novelty. Although they were obsolete due to updates that introduced better enchantments, Florida duped more 9b9t Police kits than had ever been duped in the server's history, quote "for the meme."

It was during this period that most of the builds were constructed, the first major build being tallfr1end's cathedral, followed by zweiton's obsidian tower and FangAlien's trailer park. DR. DRE constructed his "Florida Town" soon after this.

5YA Events[edit | edit source]

Old Chum's 5YA winning mapart

In observance of 9b9t's 5 year anniversary, there was a server-wide mapart competition held. Florida was chosen to be the location for the display and judgement of these maparts, which culminated the multiple-weeks long project of building a suitable "museum" for the display of the maps. This project was undertaken largely by FangAlien and DotingWinner14. The server's owner jj20051 visited the base during this time in order to document it. The overall winner of the competition was Old Chum.

Late History[edit | edit source]

After 9b9t's 5YA, construction at the base slowed down. Member activity levels were similar, however activities changed from mostly building to engaging friendly PVP matches and the likes. Numerous builds were damaged as a result of 1.8 style PVP matches devolving into reckless crystalling. This era of the base is largely summarized by messing around and member shenanigans.

Griefing of Florida[edit | edit source]

Tall's cathedral after being griefed

It was never planned that Florida would become such a large and active base, so in the initial phases of the base's lifetime, its location being so close to spawn was not seen as a major issue. However, as the base evolved and grew, it became clear that it would only be a matter of time before it was discovered and griefed.

These worries culminated on May 28, 2021 when one of the base members logged on to find that the based had been bombed out with TNT. There were multiple signs left with IGNs and dates reading two days before the grief. There has been a great deal of speculation regarding who griefed the base, but no players have ever come forward and claimed the act, nor has any conclusion been reached regarding a definite culprit.

After the grief of Florida, most of the base members moved on to other projects, including the three founding members who now base together elsewhere.