New Valkyria

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New Valkyria
The first known group picture of New Valkyria, taken in early July 2016. Notice how most of the members did not stick around for the following iterations.
Founded onJuly 13th, 2016
Founded byMinecart11
Disbanded onMultiple times, none permanent
Prominent membersMinecart11, Zelice, kysam2, Lada_the_builder, Xijorn, heat1804, minecart26, Taco456, Squawkyday159, more[1]
Base(s)NVHQ, NVHQ2, NVHQ3, NVHQ4, NVHQ5, NVHQ6, P13M[2], Midgard, NVHQ7, NVHQ8, NVHQ9, NVHQ10, NVHQ11, NVHQ12
Main purposeBuilding, spawn PvP (originally)
AffiliationsNone official[3]
RivalriesImperials, Ket Boys, FlaShBaK_

New Valkyria is a group, founded by Minecart11 in mid July 2016, in a period during which groups ripping off bits 2b2t's history weren't uncommon; it has been irregularly active since, and this makes it the oldest still active group on 9b9t. The group became infamous for the short lifespan of its bases: NVHQ10, founded during the 2019 comeback of the group, was the first one to last longer than a month. Its memberlist has varied throughout the years, with the most disparate members coming and going, with the only constant being its unrelenting leader Minecart11 and, since NVHQ4, his right-hand man Zelice.

History[edit | edit source]

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The early NVHQs and the First Incursion[edit | edit source]

NVHQ (short for New Valkyria HeadQuarters) was built when Minecart befriended Squawkyday159, the base was about 60k away from spawn and the member list includes players like FlaShBaK_, StayInSchoolKids and HuthifaPlayz. The base, really close to spawn, was griefed by unknown players; when FlaShBaK_ found out about the grief, he logged in on his alt CancerPatient69 (unknown to the other members) to destroy it some more and take the credit for it.

NVHQ2 was built on July 22nd of 2016, and was twice as far as the first one. A disagreement about changing the name (favored by most members, but not by Minecart) caused some members to leak the coords to the griefer of the previous base: CancerPatient69, him being FlaSh's alt. NVHQ3 followed suit, but MaybeUrMum was rumored to have obtained the base's coordinates and Minecart was fairly bored; he thus decided to disband his team, for the first, but not last, time.

New Valkyria headed to spawn after an "incursion", remembered as the First Incursion[4] was called. The groups New Valkyria, Destiny and SunFury were the main powers behind it; many of the respected players distanced themselves from this attempt to further rip off 2b2t, causing the incursion to result in an utter failure. NightFlag, while not helping the newfags in any way, often attacked incursion members (usually winning).

Memberlist of NVHQ4. It did not list the members of the "spawn division" of NV, and it added some players that had no idea they were on the list (such as miniman392 and SyotosGreen)

After the "incursion", New Valkyria made a comeback, and NVHQ4 was build. NVHQ4 was arguably the best of New Valkyria's bases for a long time. It lasted for roughly weeks, and about half of the really long memberlist actually showed up (for long it held the title of biggest base by membercount). However, NVHQ4 featured some famous players that weren't present in the previous instances (such as CorruptedGreed and FraazT0) and was home to the second ever map art on the server: FlaShBaK's "Pepe" (the mapart is now gone and no copies of it survive to this day). The base came to an end when Minecart invited the longtime member Huthifa, to which many objected. Minecart thus changed his mind and withdrew the invite, which led to Huthifa leaking the coords to MaybeUrMum after being repeatedly killed by FlaShBaK_.

The autumn NVHQs and the feud with K2[edit | edit source]

NVHQ7 and the fight with Auschwitz[edit | edit source]

2019 comeback and feud with the Imperials[edit | edit source]

Present day[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. In truth, most of the oldfags were, at some point, part of an NVHQ. Here were listed those that were most closely associated with NV, and that featured in more than a single NVHQ. It must also be said that, in its later iterations, the group became a meme and multiple players previously not affiliated began actively participating.
  2. P13M was not, officially, a New Valkyria base, but it was fundamentally undistinguishable from other bases of the group in both members and lifespan.
  3. It must be said that most of the established groups look at NV with a somewhat favorable eye, recognizing its meme value. Not that this spares the NVHQs from griefing.
  4. To be entirely honest, most oldfags reject the concept of there having been "incursions" on 9b9t, since they were usually called by a minority of players mimicing FitMC.