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"I am honored to present to you the first Nimbledon of 9b9t."
He is jewish, if that wasn't clear enough
JoindateJune 25th, 2016
BasesMorgoth, Auschwitz, NVHQ0
Known Alts9b9t
PastAuschwitz, NVHQ0
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Mr_Buttermen is a famous player and oldfag on 9b9t. He originally rose to fame by building Morgoth, a massive obsidian build that was completed before the 11/11 dupe. He later became one of the first members of the base he would later call Auschwitz. He is also known for being the host of the Nimbledon, a yearly meme competition hosted on 9b9t's subreddit.

Early days[edit | edit source]

Not much is know of this period of his playthrough on 9b9t. Apparently, he was either alone or together with very inactive basemates. He started posting on 9b9t's subreddit about his Morgoth build, which despite the insignificant number of upvotes (which was normal at the time) was quite well-received by the community. Once the build was completed, he became increasingly inactive.

Auschwitz[edit | edit source]

Once he came back to 9b9t, he was soon invited by miniman392 and FraazT0 to Auschwitz, which was then just starting.