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Biggest base by membercount, bitch.
Founded onDecember 14th, 2016
Founded byminiman392 and FraazT0
Griefed onOctober 5th, 2017
Griefed byMatt_Planet and Jot_, later on fiverZ1998, BradleyCrazy and emre2003_.
StatusGriefed and almost fully flattened
Membersminiman392, FraazT0, Mr_Buttermen, doyouknowTT, Kolt56, ActuallyTom, D0ugs, Tigwiner, Fibular, IoloBlewUp, JamesDog, Tertl, Urponaattori, FlaShBaK, Kekinjo, kib023, AtomicSquid110, Swagnus_, Conan_mc and technically SyotosGreen, even if he never actually went there. I think.
Major buildsKolt5's tower, doyouknowTT's statue, Dat Boi, a huge gold farm, doyouknowTT's museum, and many, many map arts.
Coordinates108350x -335950z, Overworld
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Auschwitz was a major base on 9b9t founded by miniman392 and FraazT0, standing between the end of 2016 and the end of 2017. It is known for being the largest base by membercount in the history of 9b9t, and for being home to many of the most famous players of the time. The base was griefed by Matt_Planet and Jot_, who were given coords by 99Y, who had found the base casually. Out of spite against FraazT0, players fiverZ1998 and BradleyCrazy attempted restoring natural terrain over the ruins, to make it look like no base existed there (with mixed results). The base featured many maparts and several builds, a handful of which were too big to be fully removed and can still be seen today.

Assorted links[edit | edit source]

  • FraazT0 won the first Nimbledon by making a video meme parodying the many players looking for Auschwitz. The original has since been removed from YouTube, and can be viewed on BitChute here, while a "censored" version was posted on the 9b9t Community Channel here.
  • Jot_ has since uploaded a brief montage of the base grief, which can be watched on his channel here.