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"git gut"
Syotos' original skin was a pig dressed up in a suit, but recently he changed it to fit the "king" title
JoindateJune 28th, 2016
StatusMostly inactive
Bases1mil1mil, 30mil30mil, k2, NBT, Ket Island, juanbase, Fort Breendonk, Long Kesh
Known AltsRiganomics, shawnmendes2, SyotosRed
PastLegion, Long Kesh
This individual is a Huge Player!

SyotosGreen has been recognized by the Council of Huge Players™ as a very important or very fat player!

SyotosGreen is a famous player and oldfag on 9b9t. He has been involved in some of the most famous bases and groups of the server, and is by many hailed as the king of 9b9t, whatever that means. He was the only member to be recruited by Legion after moving to the server, and he was among the first players to reach the world corner. His current base is the legendary Ket Island, but he has been involved in many other significant bases such as NBT and K2. He is known for always coming out on top no matter what type of drama he ends up in, and has bullied several players off the server, notably Minecart11.

Early Days[edit | edit source]

Not much is known of his first days on the server. He started out in a small group with Swagnus_, durfsurn and DiamondBae, until they decided to go to the End. There, Syotos met x0b, which he befriended. The group ended up splitting, as Syotos joined x0b's group, Legion. When Legion went to 30mil30mil he went with them.

Later times[edit | edit source]

As Legion died down, Syotos /killed and went back to spawn, where he met with his old friend Swagnus_. With him, he started a base that would later become known as K2. Some of the most prominent players of the server were invited, such as AtomicSquid110, Fibular and Voisardian. ParadigmPlague and ImportedSocks eventually reached them there. Voisardian ended up threatening to leak the base, so they griefed K2 themselves and moved on without him. This group, with small variations, established NBT and Ket Island, both known for being much better than the average base of the server. The latter is believed to be the longest standing active base in the history of the server, being griefed only in December 2019 after two and a half years of existance.