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"It's everyday bro with the NVHQ flow"
Minecart's skin is apparently a parody of the default Windows XP desktop background
JoindateJuly 1st, 2016
BasesNVHQ, NVHQ2, NVHQ3, NVHQ4, NVHQ5, NVHQ6, P13M, Midgard, NVHQ7, Cathedral of Lord JJ, Dohana, NVHQ8, NVHQ9, NVHQ10, NVHQ11, NVHQ12
Known AltsSettledOcean
PastThe Parthenon, Midgard
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Minecart11 (sometimes called "The Worse Minecart" as a reference to minecart26) is a famous American 9b9t player and oldfag on 9b9t. He is primarily known for creating and leading the infamous New Valkyria group, famous for its dramatically short-lived bases. He is a very controversial figure on 9b9t and sooner or later ended up fighting with most of the server. His best friend on the server and right hand man throughout the later phases of New Valkyria is Zelice.

Musical career[edit | edit source]

After getting bullied by the majority of the server, Minecart embraced his reputation as a walking meme and published three 9b9t-themed song parodies. The first one, in particular, has become one of the most famous memes of 9b9t.