Jeff Island

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Jeff Island
It was a mushroom island, once.
Founded onJune 16th, 2019
Founded byriga and 99Y
Griefed onSeptember 10th, 2019
Griefed byVoisardian
Membersriga, 99Y, brokengriffin, WTDpuddles, Jot_, FraazT0, ZimTheDestr0yer
Major buildsriga's ship, 99Y's hobbit house and church, FraazT0's stilt houses

Backstory[edit | edit source]

Jeff Island was a major base on 9b9t, founded by riga and 99Y on June 16th 2019. The base was started after 99Y had ventured far out to one of riga's bases. The base, which did not have a name, had a small dupe stash, a few minor builds, and an end portal. After arriving at the base, 99Y decided to transfer some illegals from a 30m 30m stash to riga's base for duping. Realizing that riga's current base location was somewhat unsafe, despite being so far out, 99Y decided to find a new and more secure location to store the illegals at. He ventured a small distance from the base to a mushroom island, which would eventually become Jeff Island. At the island, riga and 99Y started creating a massive dupe stash of both illegals and building materials.

Early History[edit | edit source]

Using supplies from the recently created stash, riga and 99Y replaced all mycelium on the island with grass, and all the mushrooms with trees. Knowing how much potential the base had, they decided to invite the players Jot_ and brokengriffin to aid with building the base. After covering the island with grass, the first actual build was created in the form of a guardian farm. riga also started building a boat, which he himself would never finish. The next build was a stash room build out of stone brick, jokingly referred to as the "sex dungeon". The players FraazT0 and WTDpuddles were then invited.

Fake grief[edit | edit source]

In early July, 9b9t's seed was made public. This put bases with public screenshots at risk of being found and griefed. One such base was Jeffbase V, which many of the players at Jeff Island also based at. In order to prevent Jeffbase V, from being griefed, a grief of Jeffbase V, and Jeff Island was staged, with the idea that people wouldn't look for the bases if they thought they were griefed. The griefs were faked by recording videos of world downloads being griefed, and with the cheat multisession being used to fake chat messages. The videos were not well created, and upon closer inspection it was very obvious that they were fake. One player who discovered this was ZimTheDestroyer. Luckily for the members, Zim was friendly and had no intent of sharing his findings, so he was shortly thereafter invited to the base.

Later History[edit | edit source]

More builds started appearing, with 99Y building a bunch of cute houses near the water, a lighthouse, as well as a cathedral for him and riga to get married in (as a joke). Zim started planning a massive build, for which he build a huge 500x500 obsidian platform to use as the foundation. The next builds were by Fraaz, who built a few stilt houses out of spruce. Plans to replace all the trees on the island with custom made cherry blossom trees were then discussed, but only 2 trees were ever built. Jot built a tiny house, then went inactive. 99Y started building a spruce mansion inside a mountain on the island, as well as a purpur tunnel connecting the main area of the base with riga's area. Riga then built a pagoda on top of a mountain at the base, 99Y built memorials to earlier Jeffbases, a stone statue for Jeffbase I, a small brick house for Jeffbase III, and a prismarine castle for Jeffbase 4.2. 99Y also created several builds close to the base, but not on the main island, including a castle, a tower, and a gold farm which was never finished.

Grief[edit | edit source]

The base became very inactive as September approached, with little to no new builds being constructed. It stayed inactive up until its grief, which occurred on September 10th, when Voisardian griefed the base using Jot_s' alt account Ionnias. It is unclear why Voisardian griefed the base, he himself has said that it was because he disliked certain players at the base, namely FraazT0 and Conan mc (who was not at the base). Others have suggested that he was rejected by Fibular a second time, but neither of these theories have been proven and as such should be taken with a grain of salt.