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"what a happy story"
Swagnus' might be one of the most iconic skins of 9b9t. The original was a Steve with the "Swagnus face", but he has since changed it to other variants of it.
JoindateJune 27th, 2016
BasesK2, NBT, Ket Island, Fort Breendonk
Known Alts8PR
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Swagnus has been recognized by the Council of Huge Players™ as a very important or very fat player!

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Swagnus_ is a famous player and oldfag on 9b9t. He's mostly known for being a member and the main builder of K2, NBT and Ket Island. He is also famous for being the main star of several memes that depict him as the biggest of big players, many of which from the 9b9t Community Channel.