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Big Players are a loosely defined category of players. The name is often used ironically to boast about one's own popularity on the server.


The term is apparently older than 9b9t, coined in 2b2t's older days by Bezopasan. However, it was popularized on 9b9t by Conan_mc, who turned it into a catchphrase for Swagnus_' meme character. It spread rather quickly, and it soon became the way SyotosGreen and his basemates referred to themselves. The term was later extended to mean in general players which are known to have achieved many things on the server.

List of certified players

In April 2017, SyotosGreen posted on the subreddit a list of those with that status according to him, dividing the players in 4 degrees of relevance: Huge Players, Big Players, Alabama Niggers and Role Players. The list was made with ironic tone, as can be seen in the category names, but it quickly gained an almost-official status.

In June 2023, FraazT0 decided, as the only one of the original "huge players" from the list still active, to write and publish an updated version, adding two categories and defining the categories more clearly. The list, though mostly a joke like its predecessor, was accepted by a significant size of the community.

If this decision (or your placement in the list, really) bothers you it is definite proof that you do not have what it takes to be one of the legendary Huge Players™.

Huge players

Don't try to fuck with any of the certified HUGE PLAYERS™ as we're all unfuckwithable.

Huge Players are the highest category, and include players that are massively relevant and have been so consistently for a very long time. As a result, newfags can never be in this category.

That's the end of the certified HUGE Players™, remember this not biased at all this is 100% legit and the only real certification.

Big Players

Big Players rose above the masses to get immediate name recognition unrivaled in the community. You ask someone in the community who these guys are, they'll probably know unless they are living under a rock. Elected presidents of 9b9t are automatically granted a spot in the category (but may be assigned to a higher one).

Medium-Sized Players

Medium-Sized Players are those the Council of Huge Players has found to be relevant, but felt uncomfortable placing in the higher categories due to one or more shortcomings.

Small Players

Small Players lack the fame of the other categories, but managed to climb one step above the nameless masses, high up enough to catch some eyes in the Council of Huge Players but not high enough to be considered of significant size.

Alabama Niggers

Now remember kids, don't respect any ALABAMA NIGGER™ or you will become one of them, they're very infestive and will not hesitate to ruin your chance of any relevance.

Alabama Niggers represent the lowest caste of players, those that made a name for themselves by repeatedly making fools of themselves before the community.

Role Players

The lists

Here are the links to the original posts about the lists.