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The incursions were a series of community events started on various occasions by different players, mimicing the similar phenomenon on 2b2t, popularized and overly dramatized by the YouTuber FitMC. The main goal of an incursion, usually, is reacting to a massive influx of players by killing them and working together as a community to keep them in spawn. It usually involves PvP with groups opposed to it and other similar events.

Most respected players deride the concept of incursion especially when applied to 9b9t, calling it "roleplay". Multiple "incursions" have happened throughout 9b9t history, all of them ending in utter failure, and all of them have seen scarce participation by most of the established community.

Known incursions[edit | edit source]

This wiki, for historical purposes, will allow articles about incursions if they saw enough participation or are relevant for some other reason, without legitimizing or outright condemning them in any way (even though the opinion of the wiki's owner is that they are all useless newfag roleplay). The following incursions are recognized by this wiki (those "allowed" to have articles are linked):

  • Braddy's Incursion (late June 2016-early July 2016)[1]: started by BradArmstrong, it saw record low participation, and ended up becoming something of a meme. It was meant to fight against the increasing popularity of 9b9t - though, since the "old players" had joined at best two weeks before, it obviously failed.
  • First Incursion (July 28th, 2016-early August 2016)[2]: started by an alliance of New Valkyria, Destiny and SunFury, it had the same goals of the previous one, but received a slightly higher participation thanks to the involvement of those three groups.
  • Second Incusion (December 2016)[3]: this isn't linked because nothing really happened, but in December iTavux and jossps thought of doing an incursion at the same time. Neither really worked, but in traditional numbering people just usually skip the second because of that.
  • Third Incursion (sometime in summer 2018)[4]: iSlime saw a massive amount of players joining and filling up the server, and called for an incursion against them... too bad they were all bots (for this reason, it's also often called bot incursion). No other incursion was ever memed as much as this one, and for good reason.
  • Fourth Incursion (March 2019)[5]: calling itself the Fit Incursion, it was a bunch of newfags coming from Fit to... kill newfags coming from Fit. The still active oldfags quickly dealt with them and they were never heard of after.
  • The Revolution (July 27th, 2019-July 29th, 2019)[6]: this wasn't even a proper incursion, since the target wasn't new players but rather jj20051, the server owner himself. Though, some of its activities resembled that of an incursion and newfags were caught in the crossfire. It was started after jj introduced some invasive anti-illegal item patches that led to Jot_ and Riga getting their playerdata wiped. The Revolution, led by ZimTheDestr0yer, was disbanded after their results were achieved: spawn was brutalized, other servers such as Constantiam were invaded and spammed, and jj20051 was even doxxed by a rogue member. This was the only event on this list to achieve success: both players had their data restored.
  • First Inoculation (August 5th, 2019-late August 2019)[7]: by far the most popular and cohesive incursion, it chose to not call itself one. It was started to counter the increasingly out of control invasion of newfags brought by Etika joining 2b2t and almost joining 9b9t. Though resulting in failure, it did manage to accomplish some of their goals, namely surrounding spawn with a lava wall. Its leaders were all already famous players: DarkBlqde, ZimTheDestr0yer, Jot_ and Fibular.
  • Second Inoculation - It happened, but I have no info at hand. Please contribute.
  • Third Inoculation - It happened, but I have no info at hand. Please contribute.

Notes and references[edit | edit source]

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