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An early screenshot of some Turkey members
Founded onJanuary 17th, 2023
Founded byFraazT0, kib023 and Presidentt005
MembersFraazT0, kib023, Presidentt005, MineKing222, Jot_, WTDpuddles, XylanHD, TEMPOREL, 5tatus, Punkk_, Urponaattori, NUK5TOWN, duckold, fsck
Base(s)Turkey, Turk30
Main purposeBuilding, trolling, exploiting, griefing, "turking"
AffiliationsRubik, MonkeyGang
Rivalries9b9ters, NIP, Imperials

Turkey is a group founded by FraazT0, kib023 and Presidentt005 in early 2023. Starting as a meme base, the leaders invited large numbers of players from their extended friend group, including a random newfag from spawn; the result was the coexistence of many players that, normally, would never get along. Following the destruction of the first base, the group purged its more inactive members, as well as the more meme-y choices, and went on to found Turk30, now with a clearly defined group.