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Did you know? It's not a coincidence that 9b9t has the colors of the trans flag. jj just thought it would be funny.
FoundedJune 19th, 2016
VersionMinecraft Java Edition 1.12.2
IP9b9t.com, 9b9t.org, ny.9b9t.com, 2b2t.com

9b9t is an anarchy Minecraft server that was created on June 19th 2016 by jj20051.

Note: this page will focus on "community-wide" events. Base griefs and creations should not be mentioned unless these events affected the whole server.

History[edit | edit source]

2016[edit | edit source]

On June 1st, 2016, youtuber TheCampingRusher joined 2b2t and recorded a video on it. The video went viral, and thousands of players flooded in. The server was not prepared for this swarm, and a queue was introduced. The sheer length of it, however, led a player called y0b to create 4b4t, the first post-rusher clone, as an alternative. However, soon 4b4t's lag soon became unbearable, and y0b's refusal to address the issue frustrated much of his playerbase.

A 4b4t player by the name of jj20051 offered to help y0b with fixing the lag several times, but his offers fell on deaf ears. jj thus decided to create his own server, which he called 9b9t. The first players of the server were his teammates from 4b4t: their whole group, Legion moved to 9b9t. LTnk became the first player to join (even before jj himself). A subreddit for the server was reated on the same day it opened up: Legion member ParadigmPlague became its first moderator. He is also the one who designed 9b9t's logo[1]. Bezopasan allegedly was given creative access for the sake of testing, and jj forgot to take it away from him.

Spamming 4b4t was the main source of players, at first: the majority of the very first players of 9b9t were 4b4t players who had enough of the lag. In the beginning, that was 9b9t's main appeal: the server's first MOTD and motto was, in fact, "9b9t, anarchy without lag"[2][3]. It took less than a month for 9b9t to grow in size enough to rival 4b4t itself. The server began experiencing its first lag issues (still not comparable to 4b4t's) and thus the MOTD was dropped in favor of "9b9t is like aids, you can't get rid of it". At some point between August and July this was dropped again in favor of "9b9t, the undead anarchy playground".

In early July, the server's first dupe became widespread: especially because it was slow and inefficient[4], it marked a stark difference in terms of wealth between players who joined before and after the dupe; the vast majority of "relevant" 9b9t players from 2016 joined within the first five weeks of server activity. The others, while not small in numbers, constitute a minority and would be considered "newfags" by the rest of the community for a very long time, way into 2017.

This initial period was marked by a struggle within the newborn community to determine what, exactly, it was about. Proof of this are the names given to groups formed in this period: there were those like New Valkyria[5] and Legion[6] who very clearly mimicked 2b2t culture (though Legion never actively tried to) and groups like NightFlag and Team Destiny who were strictly native to 9b9t. The community, in the end, opted for marking its difference: New Valkyria, in the end, remained the only famous one openly referencing 2b2t. Various 2b2t youtubers that were active on 9b9t, such as NedaT and HuthifaPlayz, were shunned and, in Neda's case, forced off the server. Of them, the only one who managed to still thrive on the server was iTavux, likely because of his connections to known and respected players such as FlaShBaK.

The server's activity peaked between late July and early August, with the server filled to the brim on a few occasions[7] (although it must be noted that the playercount was capped at 100 at the time). Around this time, Bezopasan was spotted at spawn with Protection 10 gear, which angered jj as it was proof of abuse of those permissions he had received back in the day. They were taken away and Bezo became the first player to have his playerdata wiped in the history of 9b9t.

A turning point in the community towards centralization was marked by the creation of the 9b9t Pooblic Discord by FraazT0 in September: the community finally had a place where to hang out and chat. Prior to that, you could chat with certain players only by joining their private servers, exchanging Skype[8] or by being lucky enough to spot them in chat. The community became more tight-knit, and pretty much everyone's names began being known. An immediate consequence of this, for instance, was the whole community managing to organize to target and harass lokasathe and his friends, guilty of constantly lagging the server.

Around this time the existance of skeleton eggs, which had been created by Bezopasan back in the day, became of public domain. They apparently had been stolen from an old base of his, and were passed around by MaybeUrMum to a number of his friends. jj /killed heat1804 as a temporary measure to take them away from him, and introduced the very first illegal patch, which turned the eggs into stone when interacted with.

A second dupe, nicknamed 11/11 dupe because of the date it went fully public, shook the server between late October and early November[9]. This dupe allowed to dupe entire inventories in less than a minute, though most players did it one item at a time. A client with a module designed specifically to minimize the likelyhood of failure in the dupe, began circulating; it was called Ponyboy and it was developed by minecart26. A rumor that the module was backdoored led to a number of bases being griefed or abandoned by their own members: among these, Doctor698 left Fortuna, which had by then become the most famous monument of the server by far.

The introduction of 1.11, and shulker boxes with it, made the dupe even more ridiculously overpowered. The server's economy was in shambles, spawn unrecognizable. Everyone was fully stacked by then: the server was changing very quickly. FlaShBaK imported the very first CrystalPvP meta from anarchy.pw, becoming popular real quick due to its very much superior power compared to sword PvP; nether spawn became less safe than ever, because of the number of bedbombers skyrocketing; several bases were started, and many more were griefed but, thanks to the large amount of riches, replacements were quickly made; Zelice broke maps by filling all IDs for the very first time

In early December, the "Babbaj Leak" happened. 2b2t player Babbaj posted a list of coordinates to the subreddit, almost all belonging to bases: among the casualties was Nemesis 2.0, owned by Team Nemesis. Originally attributed to a backdoor, it was later found out that it was caused by a mistake on jj's part: he had posted a full log on a Spigot support forum, a log which included several coordinates.

The dupe, patched in mid-December, was re-enabled as a "gift" to the players for both Christmas and New Year's Eve, and those that had lost all in the previous month managed, once again, to restack. However, by this point, the playercount had dropped significantly, down to an average of about 30 players: in the long run, the dupe that had breathed new life into the server ended up slowly killing it.

2017[edit | edit source]

2017 started very poorly for the server: February was marked by severe lag and stability issues, and the server constantly restarting. Following a restart on the 27th of February, a number of players lost their playerdata: among those affected were FraazT0, AtomicSquid110, miniman392, Kolt5, Jot and many more. Many rare items stored in their enderchests, vanished with the data; jj originally meant to at least try and restore the playerdata, but soon gave up due to technical issues; then he offered to reset at least the joindates, but a number of uninvolved newfags decided to try and lie to get older dates than their real ones, frustrating him to the point where he gave up on compensating the affected oldfags altogether.

Many players at the time were using an exploit that allowed them to fly under the nether roof at crazy high speeds to reach the fabled 30mil30mil, the legendary base owned by Legion that was also home to jj himself. Initially blaming them for the lag, jj took down the server to upgrade its hardware, and 9b9t's first temp map was put up instead. FraazT0, one of the players who had been flying under the nether roof, was given operator status on the map to do just that for the sake of testing. Finished with the tests, he was not demoted. As jj went to sleep, he began trashing the temp map for the fun of it. Operator status was given to many of his friends, such as ParadigmPlague, FlaShBaK, Swagnus, Fibular and D0ugs, as well as others. D0ugs ended the party by running the /stop command[10]. jj woke up pretty irritated, demoted everyone and reset the temp map.

As 9b9t returned on the main map, 9b9t kept being unstable. The restarts were so constant that some players began using them to dupe. The situation was resolved, eventually, in May, but the damage had been done: 9b9t's average playercount had dropped to below 10. A little bit of a breather from the severe issues was given by the 2017 April's Fools Event, during which jj turned 9b9t into a KitPvP server[11]; some players, led by Kolt5 and Fibular, managed to glitch out of the PvP map and began playing on the flatroom surrounding it, prompting jj to /kill them.

The 1YAE, short for "One Year Anniversary Event", was celebrated on June 19th. The majority of the still active community had been assembled to set aside their differences and build a base together, which they all blew up together on stream in what perhaps was the best anniversary celebration in the history of 9b9t. Attempts to repeat the event were made in both 2018 and 2019, but the first was griefed before it even started and the second one never really took off.

Summer was not really good season for server activity: a huge fight led to Pooblic losing its monopoly over Discord conversations and to the People's Republic of 9b9t being established, splitting in two the already dwindling 9b9t community. The only thing that breathed some new life into the server was Mr Buttermen's Nimbledon, which saw widespread participation by much of the community.

The final resting stone on 9b9t was put by the reciprocal grief of the only two still active group bases, Nemesis 3.0 and later Auschwitz (Ket Island, the other major base, had by then become quite inactive). By November, the playercount was record low, and many expected 9b9t to close down by the end of the year.

2018[edit | edit source]

Early 2018 saw a significant revival of the server: a small influx of new players coupled with the return of many oldfags brought the average number of players back up to about 30. Many friendships were restored, and old enemies banded together to take on the newer players. But, revival aside, 2018 was "the year of illegals": it's during this year that players not related to Legion, 99Y, acquired them (up until this point, only the Ket Boys still had them).

The 2018 April's Fools Event was the beginning of it all: no special map was set up. Instead, players began dropping playerheads when killed; Bezopasan, who was among the oldfags who had returned, was given by the owner "Daddy jj's excalibur", a Sharpness 9999 sword, and was instructed to kill on sight all players who dare come to spawn. However, Bezo naively went AFK while at spawn. 99Y snuck at him and crystaled him, acquiring the sword. He then loudly bragged in chat about it, hid the sword in the enderchest and began flying under the nether roof, proclaiming to all that he had it in his hand and was bringing it to Jeffbase. Then, he intentionally fell in the void and died: everyone, Bezo and jj included, believed he had lost the sword when it was, in fact, safe in his enderchest.

The establishment off Jeffbase 4.2 in June 2018 was a turning point in the history of illegals, becoming the base with the biggest concentration of those items. The first was placed by ParadigmPlague, former Legion member, who had the habit of building end portals wherever he went. However, he didn't share them. This changed when base member WTDpuddles, after joining Ket Island and receiving end portal frames, brought them to the base. The biggest contribution, however, was yet to come.

With the 2YAE base being griefing before the event, but having promised a stream, jj unwisely gave creative to some of his friends. Notably, LamBadger created a number of illegals (including but not limited to end portal frames, bedrock, swords with all enchantments and monster egg blocks) and shared them with dyu, another Jeffbase 4.2 member. And, on top of these, 99Y brought the sword he'd stolen from Bezo and Protection 0 Chestplates he had found at Auschwitz. The final ingredient was brought by riga, who was invited to the base in exchange for his knowledge of the Chunk Dupe that had been circulating in that time. The Chunk Dupe was the most powerful dupe in 9b9t history, allowing players to duplicate entire chunks, fillet to the brim with chest if needed. jj also botched the patch for the dupe, worsening the situation by accidentally creating the Hopper Dupe, which allowed a player to endlessly dupe while afk with nothing more than two hoppers.

A number of bases, including Dohana, Jeffbase 4.2 and many others, were griefed in late 2018 after jared2013 acquired coordinates to many places where end portals were lit. Illegals, however, were not yet compromised; they would, however, be spread in the following months, as former Jeffbase 4.2 members brought them around and shared them with more people.

2019[edit | edit source]

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Early 2019 was hardly distinguishable from the end of 2018, at first. That was all changed by YouTube's algorithm, who began aggressively recommending Fit's videos about 2b2t to the masses. Over the span of a few months, 9b9t's average playercount skyrocketed from a few tens of players to well over two hundred. The number peaked when, in June, streamer Etika tried to join 9b9t on stream, failing only because the server was crashed by the insane influx of his viewers. As the older community found itself overwhelmed by newbies, dozens of new groups were established; Etika's suicide[12] a week after beginning to play 2b2t didn't significantly affect the number of newcomers, as Fit had by then surpassed a million subscribers: the influx of newfags only toned down in 2021.

2020[edit | edit source]

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2021[edit | edit source]

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2022[edit | edit source]

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9/11 base coordinates were compromised (despite being so close to spawn lmao) and was promptly griefed. During the griefing, the portal incident occurred.

2023[edit | edit source]

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Players that allegedly obtained creative or operator status[edit | edit source]

Server specs[edit | edit source]

CPU: Intel Core i9-11900K

RAM: 128 GB

Storage: 4x 4TB NVME + 2x 8TB SSD

OS: Debian GNU/Linux[13]

Useful Links[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. According to jj, they chose trans flag colors because they thought it would be funny to a playerbase that, at the time even more than now, was violently racist and homophobic.
  2. At time, the MOTD weren't randomized yet, and instead was chosen by jj himself.
  3. The reason this worked was that there was no significant age difference: 4b4t was less than 3 weeks older than 9b9t.
  4. Keep in mind, shulkers were not implemented yet. At its beginning, 9b9t was on 1.10.
  5. A reference to Valkyria, a 2b2t group that was popularized by Fit's YouTube videos. The founder, Minecart11, maintains that Sato86, who created the original group, gave him permission and his blessing to use the name and that, for a short time before the "veteran queue" was introduced on 2b2t, he was even a member.
  6. A reference to the Legion of Shenandoah 2b2t group to which one of the founding members, Bezopasan, belonged back in the day.
  7. And, this time, bots weren't involved.
  8. Which isn't really secure, as you can get someone's IP through their Skype.
  9. Three players, Fibular, Voisardian and CorruptedGreed, figured it out really early by watching a 2b2t player called "RusherIsAutistic" do it.
  10. To this day, he's the only player to ever issue that command.
  11. At the time, "KitPvP" was a pejorative term, much like "Factions", applied to rival servers who were "not quite as anarchy" as 9b9t.
  12. Which, by the way, happened on 9b9t's 3YAE.
  13. jj revealed the specs in the 9b9t Official Discord, after a user named aimly asked in the #jj-chat-channel.